Husband’s 36th birthday cocktails and free Table Mountain cable car trip

If your memory is better than that of a goldfish, you’ll recall that last Friday was Husband’s 36th birthday. Here’s how we celebrated, all weekend long…

Friday, 29 January 2016: Husband’s birthday cocktails at Rafiki’s & free Table Mountain cable car trip

Dog and wrapping paper
We presented Husband with his birthday present as soon as he opened his eyes. Bertie was very excited and wanted to help with the unwrapping process.
Long Island ice tea at Rafiki's
Husband fetched me on the bike after what seemed like an endless day of work. We popped into Rafiki’s on Kloofnek to celebrate the start of the weekend – here is Husband with a Long Island ice tea. Rafiki’s is closing in a few weeks so we’re glad we had the chance to try them out.
Cocktail on Rafiki's balcony
I tried the most pina colada-sounding drink on the menu, complete with coconut milk, orange juice and pineapple.
Love Table Mountain
Cocktails glugged, we set off up Kloofnek to Table Mountain. On presenting his ID, Husband’s return cable car ticket was printed for free – and as we waiting until after 6 for mine, I got it at half-price – R120 (the Sunset Special runs in Summer – we took advantage of the same deal on my 30th, click here for a reminder).
Lion's Head in Cape Town
Husband and Lion’s Head, two of my favourite things in the whole of the Cape, pictured while waiting at the lower cable station.
Camp's Bay from Table Mountain
Funny that the first thing you do once you reach the top of the mountain is look down! This was on the Camp’s Bay/Sea Point side. Lots of railings to ensure no-one slips down.
Lion's Head as seen from Table Mountain
Finally taller than Lion’s Head, between us…
Curry and beer on top of Table Mountain
Lucky thing we saved on the cable car fare as the meals on top are certainly priced for tourists. Husband’s plate of curry came to R110 and his Castle Lite was R44. He loved it though and ate every grain of rice from the biodegradable plate…
Eating in top of Table Mountain
My super-large pizza slice was only R38, much more reasonable. One of the best spots to eat in the city, just looks at the pretty cloudy mountains behind me.
Sunset from Table Mountain
Admiring the sunset is a must if you’ve bought a ‘Sunset special’ ticket!
Sunset in Cape Town
Me, the setting sun and the calmest sea.
Cape Town by night
As we came down the cable car, the lights were turning on across the city below. T’was a magical sight.

Saturday, 30 January 2016: Sulky doggies & News Cafe Blouberg breakfast

Sulking dacschund
Once Bassie’s had her breakfast each morning she slows sulks her way to supper. I caught her in action here.
Muesli jar at News Cafe
With such sunny weather we wanted to eat with a view of the sea so settled on News Cafe in Blouberg. As we’d ordered by 10am I got my muesli jar at the ‘early bird’ price of R25, saving us R30 on the usual R55 value. Worth getting up early for.
Big Ben benedict at News Cafe
For his first meal of the day, Husband decided on the ‘Big Ben’ at News Cafe – it’s your typical eggs benedict, surrounded by cherry tomatoes and atop mushrooms. The rest of the day was spent on weekend admin things that I didn’t capture, so let’s move along to Sunday…

Sunday, 31 January 2016: Doodles buffet breakfast, beach visit & cocktails at Saint’s

Doodles breakfast buffet
As Doodles only offers their buffet, triple-decker sandwiches and pizzas for weekend breakfast, we went for the buffet. I mixed all the cereal options with strawberry yoghurt for my first course…
Buffet breakfast at Doodles
…And filled a second plate with scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans, toast and flapjacks. Yummy. Husband’s plate looked similar and we were full until lupper at Mum’s that eve.
Swimming in Kleinbaai
As it was a super steamy day, a beach visit was definitely on the cards. Here is Husband, towelling off after a long swim in the Atlantic – that’s about the warmest I’ve felt the sea, our side, and it was still too cold for me to venture into more than knee-deep.
Long Island ice tea at Saint's, Eden on the Bay
Following some resting and housework Husband had his second Long Island ice tea of the weekend – this time at Saint’s, Eden on the Bay. I tried the Insomniac milkshake – chocolate, Nachtmusik and Amarula, very yummy but not pictured.
Carrot cake
Mum baked her famous carrot cake with pineapple chunks just for Husband. We all sang to him, again.

Mid-week office cake treats

Studying web development at home
On Monday, Husband started his highly-practical four-week web development course with Shaw Academy. He’s already completed three of the ten lessons and is soaking up the knowledge.
Chocolate cake
T’was a busy week birthday-wise at work. On Thursday I was treated to this lovely chocolate cake, custard danish and assorted crisps
Red velvet cupcake from Woolworths
Today I had this tiny but absolutely delicious red velvet cupcake from Woolies.

A delicious, heart-happy week all in all – here’s to another weekend that’s filled with good things!


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