Chocolate French toast, straddling the sea and two Big Bay markets

Yip, you read that right – chocolate French toast, and two separate market visits in Big Bay. I’ll let the images below speak for themselves…

Saturday, 24 October 2015: Chocolate French toast breakfast at Rococoa

Chocolate for breakfast at Rococoa in The Palms Lifestyle Centre
When you agree 100% with a sign like this there’s nothing you can do but take a photo in front of it.
Cappuccino and menu at Rococoa
Ah, Rococoa. They may be known for their chocolate, but their coffee is just as good. Click here for a reminder of their wonderful hot chocolate I had last year…
French toast with bacon, banana and chocolate at Rococoa
For me, the French toast with bacon, grilled banana and lots of chocolate drizzled on top. Ate every last bite, just like last time. Nom nom nom.
Eggs benedict on cocoa-English muffins
For Husband, the eggs benedict on cocoa-English muffins.
Dogs on new bedding
“Listen here, Mommy says we mustn’t lie on the brand new bedding. Let’s pretend we didn’t hear her.”
Dogs on new bedding
“Oh hello Mommy, ignore us – nothing to see here, we’re just statues, move along…”
Tabasco under new duvet
“Oh hello Mommy – it’s OK I’m under the new bedding, not on top.”
Tabasco sitting on Leigh's lap
And so to distract them we took them to the seaside. Look at this dear little head.
Leigh's dog Bertie in the car.
The biggest smile from my little boy when he realised we were almost at the beach.
Leigh's dog Tabasco at Kreeftebaai
Little Miss Bassie looking deceptively calm as we reached Kreeftebaai, one of the few doggie-frendly beaches in our area
Leigh's dogs at the beach
This is how they veer whenever we go to the beach: Bertie for the birdies and the water, Bassie for the safety of the dunes. ❤
Post-beach walk. There's Bertie in the back seat barking at all the birdies and telling all the other doggies he's been to the beach, while Bassie offers her nose to the camera.
Post-beach walk. There’s Bertie in the back seat barking at all the birdies and telling all the other doggies he’s been to the beach, while Bassie offers her nose to the camera.

Sunday, 25 October 2015: Exploring Big Bay morning market, straddling the sea at Silwerstroomstrand

Tree wrapped in ribbon and hearts
Little did we know that there was a market of sorts at Seaside Village in Big Bay – complete with petting zoo, R6 cake slices (lemon meringue for me, #thankyouverymuch) and all sorts of pretty bunting and decorations. How gorgeous does this tree look?
Ocean Basket in Seaside Village
I got Husband to pose under these ‘birdies’ in the CTFM. He then wanted to be at a real beach…
Standing in the sea at Silwerstroomstrand
So off to the sea we went! Here is Husband roughly knee-deep in the sea at Silwerstroomstrand, between Melkbos and Langebaan
Straddling the sea wall at Silwerstroomstrand
We walked about halfway down the perimeter wall before sensing danger and turning back.
Bassie resting head on armrest
“Oh, you’re busy on your computer thingie? It’s OK Granny, I’ll wait here behind you”.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015: Ferrero Rocher in the office, cloudy Table Mountain and the I ❤ Big Bay Market

Ferrero Rocher
A sweet treat that arrived at the office for me this week to celebrate my new title.
Table Mountain covered in cloud.
On my way to the bus that afternoon I snapped the ‘table cloth’ over Table Mountain.
Ice cream sampling
One of the first things I did at the I ❤ Big Bay Market that evening, held at the Lifesaving Club: sampled the cookies n cream icecream. T'was lovely.
The NOB foodtruck at the I <3 Big Bay Market
Oh my goodness. Best thing at the market? Well I didn’t try everything on offer (there were some amazing-looking brownies, fudge and wraps)… but we opted to share the ‘chilli cheese’ NOB (No Ordinary Burger). Only an 8-minute wait for us luckily, as friends who went later waited an hour for their pork bun!
NOB chilli cheese burger
They delightfully sliced the burger in half for us, for easy sharing. Husband grinned his approval…
Huge half a burger
Here’s my half – almost as big as my face!

That’s all, folks! Hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead…

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