Slurping JHB’s priciest dessert milkshakes & seeing CT from the sky

We started 2016 with a bang – a messy, salted-caramel-cheesecake dessert milkshake-shaped bang, that is. See it and other highlights of the first week of the year below…

Friday, 1 January 2016: Monopoly braai at the parents

Lounge selfie
As it had been ages since ‘the gang‘ was all in one space at the same time, mother-in-law arranged a braai at theirs on New Year’s Day. Husband and I caught up on some lazing around in the lounge before everyone arrived… look at those frown lines!
To celebrate, mother-in-law made sangria. It went, fast.
Swimming with friends
The gang, all in/around the pool!
Lying on the lawn
Relaxing on the lawn between bouts of Monopoly and swimming.

Saturday, 2 January 2016: Joburg hail storm and dessert milkshakes

Hail in Joburg
Our big task for Saturday was braving the sudden hail storm and travelling to 4th Ave, Parkhurst to meet up with my bestie for amazing-sounding milkshakes. The expected hail storm hit with full force and we stopped for shelter, but were soon on our way again.
The salted caramel dessert shake at Craft
Folk were photographing milkshakes left, right and centre – and little wonder. Just look at it. There were layers of creme brulee inside, that’s a ginormous chunk of cheesecake on top, Rolos around it and the caramel sauce dripped everywhere, but it was most delicious. We slurped up every last drop, as it cost an eye-watering R95.
Milkshakes at Craft, Parkhurst
Michelle and Daryn had the fancy R46 shakes – hers was a Ferrero Rocher, his had swirls of marshmallow fluff.
This year’s attempt at ‘the friend photo’ was one of our best yet. Seems the guy at the table behind us agreed. 🙂
Hot dog with cheese and bacon
We couldn’t just have a liquid lunch, so Husband and I also shared this cheese-and-bacon stuffed and wrapped hot dog with pink slaw. At R95 (yip, same as the shake) it’s one of the priciest, but also one of the best we’ve had.
Bellies full-to-bursting, we went for a stroll down the street. Parkhurst pups get special signs to read, teehee.
Later that afternoon we went on a quick sightseeing trip with father-in-law. We stopped to look at the Skybar bungee/rockclimbing effort that’s sprung up in the Fourways area.
Greek Sizzler dinner
That night we had a ‘family farewell’ dinner at Greek Sizzler in Banbury Cross, just up the street from the parents. Here’s a group shot the waiter took of us all.
Seafood platter
Husband spoiled himself with the R150 ‘platter for one’. He finished every last morsel on his plate.

Sunday, 3 January 2015: Gramps visit and flying home

Waffle at Silverstar
We started the day with breakfast at Vigour & Verve in the outdoor eating area at Silverstar Casino. The parents treated me to this enormous waffle topped with grilled bacon and banana, Husband went for a ‘full house’ omelette filled with chillies, cheese, mushrooms, bacon and more.
Water at Silverstar
We were so, so full we had a quick walk around the water to stretch out legs after brekkie.
Old-age home tea
The reason we went to Silverstar? It’s walking distance from the retirement home Husband’s Grampa lives in. You can see the four of them in the upper right of this photo – I was impressed by the teatime spread. But too full to sample any. Sob.
Final swim at the parents. Husband dragged me in, as you can tell from my face. So glad he did!
Mango plane at Lanseria airport
After our final swim in their pool we bade the parents farewell at Lanseria and trotted off to our flight home – it was delayed 20 minutes as an unidentified bag was added to the hold and had to be placed on the correct plane before take-off. Here is Husband trotting across the tarmac.
Clouds from plane window
A few minutes into the flight husband snapped this impressive anvil-shaped cloud.
Cape Town at sunset from Mango plane
Much, much later Husband woke me to this pretty sight – Cape Town at sunset. Home, sweet home!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016: Enjoying the pool

Inflatable pool
Monday was a day of adjusting back to the heat of Cape Town, so on Tuesday we spent much of the day in the pool. Mum and me having fun here.
Bassie showed off her latest ‘trick’ – balancing upright under Grampa’s chin. What a sweet little girl!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016: Colouring, baking and more

Adult colouring
Husband and dad played pool on Wednesday morning with dad’s regular team so mum and me spent the morning reading, colouring-in and baking.
Dog on couch
Poor Husband had a tummy bug much of this week – here he’s being comforted by Bassie.

Thursday, 7 January 2016: Local eggs ben and funny doggie poses

Eggs benedict with ham
On Thursday Husband was well enough to stomach some eggs ben – with ham at our local Village Cafe in West Coast Village.
Dog on couch
The doggies sprawled in the lounge with us under the fans for most of the day. Just like this.

Friday, 8 January 2015: Golf breakfast and windy beach

Espana at Burgundy Estate
We celebrated our last day of leave with breakfast at Espana at the Burgundy Estate Golf Course, then mum and I chatted while the boys played a quick 9 holes.
Flatbread breakfast at Espana
Mum had this interesting flat bread breakfast option.
Golfer breakfast at Espana
The rest of us had the prettily-painted Piquino/golfer’s breakfast – just enough to get you going for the day.
Kite surfers on Blouberg
We went to the beach later in the day to dip our toes. Note all the kite surfers to the left of Husband.

That’s all, folks. It’s back to work for both of us this coming week so expect lots of relaxation to take place this weekend! 🙂


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