Hotels by the sea, mini mussel pots and summery sunflowers

What a week it’s been! With it being week 8 of my 10-week GetSmarter SEO course I’ve not attended many events after hours in the past few weeks, but this week there was one I just couldn’t refuse, in walking distance to work. And of course we packed in as many fun activities as possible around my weekend assignments…

Friday,  16 October 2015: Local Spur dins

A Bar-One milkshake at West Coast Village Spur
It all started with a continuation of the ‘milkshake love‘ from earlier in the day. I was still so full from my Bootleggers burger that all I had room for was this Bar-One shake. It was just as good as it looks.
The chicken bacon avo salad at Spur
You can just see a bit of Husband’s bacon-chicken-avo salad. I helped him finish.

Saturday, 17 October 2015: Blueberries breakfast and RWC victory

Pouring espresso into frothed milk at Blueberries in Table View Shopping Centre
As Saturday was the quarter-final leg of RWC2015 we simply had to wear South Africa/Springbok gear. This is me pouring my espresso into my frothed milk at Blueberries in Table View Shopping Centre – we’ve lived in the area for almost 3 years now and this was our first visit!
Eggs Florentine at Blueberries
You’re probably wondering what on earth Husband is eating. That’s how his eggs Florentine was served, with toast on the side. Despite being a bit runny, it was good, he said.
A banana and caramel stuffed pancake at Blueberries
And for me? Of course I went for something decadent – this here banana-and-caramel stuffed pancake is just what the doctor ordered!
Watching the Springboks rugby win with Leigh's dogs.
Skip over some shopping, gardening and assignment stress – here we are watching the Springboks slide into the RWC2015 semi-finals!

Sunday, 18 October 2015: Pricy breakfasts, exploring Lagoon Beach hotel and enjoying the  afternoon sunshine

A cappuccino with shortbread biscuit at Bread & Butter
If you’re charging me R25 for a short cappuccino, it had better come with a shortbread biscuit, like this one at Bread & Butter.
Flapjack stack with bacon and banana at Bread & Butter
My rather amazing flapjack stack included grilled banana, crispy streaky bacon and lots of extra syrup on the side. Just perfect.
Eggs benedict at Bread & BUtter
And for Husband? Eggs benedict, of course. He wishes they’d serve on plates instead of breadboards.
Exploring Lagoon Beach Hotel
Then we went on a little explore, as the weather was just so sunny. We headed to Lagoon Beach Hotel to have a looksie.
The outdoor pool at Lagoon Beach.
This is Husband at the (cold) outdoor pool overlooking the beach. There are supposedly warm pools on the premises too but we didn’t spot them… and we’re pretty good at being hotel spies!
Flowers in vases at Lagoon Beach Hotel
Gorgeous display of assorted flowers indoors. Yes, they’re real.
Shoes in the sand at Driftwood Cafe
Not yet ready to sit indoors, we headed to our weekend afternoon favourite – the Driftwood. I kicked off my shoes, obvs.
The mussel pot starter at the Driftwood Cafe
Husband enjoyed his mussel pot starter.
Leigh sitting near a duck at the Driftwood Cafe
So many assorted birdies were around that day.
Greeting a duck at Driftwood Cafe
A curious feathered friend nibbled gently at Husband’s fingers

Wednesday, 21 October: Oats-so-easy in a pot and interesting local art

New Jungle Oats so easy easy heat pot
Wednesday was set to be a busy day as I was attending an art expo near work once the clock struck 6pm. To get me through, I tried the new Jungle Oats so easy ‘apple cashew’ easy heat pot. Very tasty but not something for every day, at R10.
Painting at Bright Space in Woodstock
I’ve been to the Bright Space on Albert Street a few times now but always find something new to marvel at. This painting is what caught my attention on Wednesday evening on my way to see the ‘Poem painting project’ – click here for my overview..
Satin art work at Bright Day in Woodstock
Of all the art on display, this was my favourite, titled ‘Rage’.

Thursday, 22 October 2015: Beautiful flowers at Design Indaba offices

Sunflowers at Design Indaba offices.
Thursday was another busy day with an afternoon planning meeting at Design Indaba’s offices in town. Have you ever seen a more summery sight than this? They’re almost ‘minion yellow’, one of this year’s two Pantone colours.

That’s all, folks! Hope you’ve had a wonderful week 🙂

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