T’was the week before Christmas (2015)…

Hello, one and all! When last I left you t’was the week before Christmas, and with some special effort I’m actually blogging today, the day of. We had a lovely lunch earlier and are all full-to-bursting – I’ve posted a few pics below, as well as other highlights from this magical week of holiday – despite lots of ‘new phone’ admin as Husband’s mysteriously vanished last Friday…

Saturday, 19 December 2015: Limnos brekkie, waffles for tea, dancing at Deco Dance

Cappuccino at Limnos
My moody cappuccino cup at Limnos Bakers, Canal Walk.
Baker's breakfast at Limnos, Canal Walk
Husband opted for the ‘baker’s breakfast’, which included a coffee for me and an orange juice for him.
Sushi at Eden on the Bay
Research done we headed home for a nap, then headed out again for snacks at Eden on the Bay mid-afternoon. Husband opted for some sushi with a spot of news in the background.
Waffle with lemon curd from the Big Bay Waffle Company.
For me? A traditional waffle with lemon curd from the Big Bay Waffle Company. Yum.
Peering out a MyCiti bus
We were then ready for a ‘big night out’ – we walked across to the nearest myCiti bus stop, which took us all the way from just outside our doorstep to the heart of Sea Point, over three separate bus trips. Here is Husband peering worriedly out the back of the bus.
Darth Vader shirts at Deco Dance
The reason we were in Sea Point? To celebrate the 30th birthday of one of Husband’s former colleagues. Love that they both wore fancy Darth Vader shirts for their night of ‘squeaking tekkie’.
Star Wars pics
Speaking of Star Wars, I meant to include this pic last week but forgot to – in all the movie hype we created our own ‘Star Wars profile pics’. Husband looks suitably wise/scary, I just couldn’t NOT smile, teehee.
Leigh in Deco Dance
Back to Deco Dance in Sea Point. Er’rybody was there, even Bob Dylan (I think), who was looking over my shoulder and feeling a little blue…

Sunday, 20 December 2015: Breakfast at Greens

Mushroom eggs benedict at Greens
Despite only getting home in the early hours of Sunday (thanks to a very efficient Uber driver as the MyCiti only runs until 10pm or so), we were up bright and early on Sunday for a spot of brekkie and almost-last minute Christmas shopping. Husband started his day with the mushroom eggs benedict, as well as an extra portion of their creamy mushrooms (from the big green bowl he’s holding)
Crumpets with banana at Greens
For me, the crumpets with sliced banana and syrup drizzled atop went down a treat.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015: Doggie beach walk, I โค Big Bay Christmas market

Bertie at the sea
As Husband is the blog’s main photo-taker (but he insists he doesn’t feel like an ‘Instagram Husband’ – watch this if you don’t know what I’m taking about)… we missed a bit of action due to admin delays in getting his new phone. I woke up to the fact that photos were now my responsibility on Tuesday, when we took the doggies for a windless stroll along their beach. Here is a typical shot of Bertie pulling Husband towards the sea…
Bassie with a nose of sand
The typical ‘happy Bassie post-beach walkies’ photo – more sand on my arm than her nose!
Bertie long tongue
Sandy girls, with Bertie just behind my sandy arm, showing off his long tongue.
Porky NOB burger
We took the happy doggies home then ventured off to Big Bay again, as the monthly market was taking place over two days this time around. This was my half of the Porky NOB burger, heaving with two cheeses and some streaky bacon.
The Big Bay Market
Who did we bump into at the market but Mum and Dad! Husband ran up to take this shot looking down into the Lifesavers’ Club. You can just see the rest of us sitting at a table up top. Mum is waving…
Leigh at Big Bay Market with parents
Husband came down again for a closer shot of the three of us.
Waffle at Big Bay Market
This waffle. I was so full after my half-a-Porky but Dad insisted I try some, so try some I did. Amazing caramel-banana combination atop of crispy hot waffle.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015: Golfing, suburban walks and giant Christmas trees

Flowers in Sunningdale.
On Wednesday morning, Husband had a breakfast/golf date with my dad, so me and mom went on a lovely 4km round trip walk around their neighbourhood, complete with morning tea at the Stark Ayres Nursery. This is one of the gardens along the route my parents walk daily.
Orange-Rooibos tea
Mum opted for the orange-Rooibos tea infusion.
Cappuccino at Stark Ayres nursery.
I had a cappuccino, with a shortbread heart nestled in the saucer.
Scones at Stark Ayres
We each ordered the ‘scones’ – hot and delicious!

Thursday, 24 December 2015: Omelettes, beaches and custard shakes

Homemade omelettes
On Thursday, Husband concocted very large omelettes for breakfast. This was mine, bursting with bacon bits and cheese. Husband added mushroom to his.
Clouds at Blouberg
Bellies full, we headed out again. We stopped to snap the very pretty puffy clouds at Blouberg beach.
Cape fauna and flora
Best colours.
Custard milkshake at Driftwood Cafe
Much, much later, phone admin and last-minute Christmas shopping finally all sorted, we stopped off at the Driftwood for an afternoon treat. That’s my custard milkshake…
Black Label draught at Driftwood Cafe
Husband opted for a Black Label draught.

Friday, 25 December 2015: Christmas lunch at Mum’s

Doggies wearing ties
My parents had bought the doggies special outfits for Christmas lunch today. They tried them on before we left home. Here is Bertie, proud of his new ‘tie’, and Bassie wearing her lilac bow slightly off-centre.
Dogs wearing bowties.
Posing with mommy at Granny’s house. Oh how I love these two!
Christmas 2015
Family shot! All six of us with our ‘welcome drinks’. The doggies had water instead of champers, obvs.
Christmas cookies
Sing it with me: ‘If you like Pina Coladas…’ Yes, we do! Also look at the gorgeous chocolate-coconut cookies Mum baked, with Reese’s Pieces melted in! Mmmm. We ate and we ate. Avo starters, pea and ham soup, gammon and roast beef with roast potatoes, individual trifles and a cheese board later. *Urp!

That’s all, folks! Hope you also ate, drank and were merry today. I’m growing rather attached to the idea of a daily afternoon nap…

Breakfast with squirrels, Star Wars 7 premiere and year-end team lunch

What a busy week it’s been! The weather is hot and sunny and we’re finally both on leave, with lots of fun (and exciting) things planned for the next few weeks. Before that though, let’s look at our latest highlights…

Friday, 11 December 2015: Schwarma Express on Marine Circle

Schwarma Express on Marine Circle
Husband felt for a schwarma, I felt for a sunset – perfect match.
Sunset from Marine Circle
The pretty sunset I saw from the beach front, before clouds started rolling in.

Saturday, 12 December 2015: Breakfast and mosaic-ing

Cappuccino from Village Square Cafe
On Saturday we tried out the new Village Square Cafe in West Coast Village for breakfast. My large cappuccino was strong and came with a shortbread biscuit (hiding in my spoon).
Pesto egg breakfast at Village Square Cafe
Husband tried the pesto breakfast, which came with perfectly poached eggs.
Flapjack breakfast at Village Square Cafe
I went for the choc-chip flapjack breakfast with berry puree and two lumps of ice cream.
Mosaic heart
Finally done! I’d been working on this mosaic heart for a while, and finally got the grouting done on Saturday. Now, where to put it…
Dacschund under pillows
Bassie crawled under the pillows at her granny’s house that evening to escape from the heat.
Dogs on couch
The doggies (and Bertie’s bear) took up the whole couch when we got home so we had to make another plan for our TV viewing!

Sunday, 13 December 2015: Breakfast with squirrels

Tea at Company''s Garden
I’d been hearing good things about the new tea garden menu at Company’s Garden, so we ventured out to town on Sunday morning to have a looksie. Unfortunately their coffee machine was broken on the day, but I thoroughly enjoyed my tray of tea – that’s a biscotti on the side.
Banana bread French toast at Company's Garden.
This is the banana bread French toast, with strawberries and bacon and marscapone. Very very good. Those are not real flies scampering over my tea cup in the background, it’s an interesting design!
Salmon eggs benedict
Husband called his salmon eggs benedict ‘the best’. Strong praise!
Squirrel in Company's Garden
Just a few metres from our table, pigeons and squirrels were scampering about, tamely asking for treats. You can just make out a little grey squirrel climbing down the tree trunk here…
Squirrel in Company's Garden
He let me snap him from very close-up. Such a sweetie!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015: Final team lunch of 2015 at La Belle

Lunch at La Belle, Constantia
With Wednesday being the Reconcilliation Day public holiday in SA, Tuesday was the last day of work of 2015 for many – also the day we sent out our last email newsletters for the year and the last day I’d be working with a colleague who relocated to Joburg that eve. That all came together to make it the perfect day for our final team lunch of the year. We settled on La Belle in Alphen, Constantia.
Pork belly from La Belle
With so many amazing things on the menu, I teamed up with a colleague in splitting two mains between us. This was our first choice, the pork belly with greens and apple sauce, resting on corn fritters. Best ever.
Beef burger from La Belle
Our second main – the La Belle beef burger, complete with mushrooms, cheese sauce and a metal bucket of shoestring fries. One of the tastiest I’ve ever had. (The burger, not the bucket).
NY-style cheesecake and cappuccino at La Belle
Was I so full I had to skip dessert? No, of course not! I tried the ‘NY-style cheesecake’ and washed it down with a cappuccino. Enjoyed every bite.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015: Star Wars day

Caramel latte at McCafe
We started off the day with some coffees at the local McCafe. Husband had a cola, I had a caramel latte. So yummy.
Snoopy movie cut-out at Grandwest Casino
With lots of time to spare before our showing of Star Wars at Grandwest Casino, we wandered around along with the rest of Cape Town – all and sundry were there! Of course I posed in the Snoopy movie cut-out…
Wearing his Darth Vader shirt at Nu Metro cinema.
Husband wore his Darth Vader shirt to watch the Star Wars movie, of course. We also got popcorn and Cola.
3D movie glasses
Wearing our 3D glasses before they told us to.

Thursday, 17 December 2015: Bagels and flat whitesย 

Bagel with cream cheese from New York Bagels
Thursday was my first day of leave! As Husband was sadly in office, Mum and dad treated me to a cream cheese bagel and flat white from New York Bagels. Was yummy!
Bagel and flat white from NY Bagel
My Thursday breakfast.

That’s all, folks! We’re both looking forward to some serious relaxing, starting now! ๐Ÿ™‚

#Poolfail2015, cloudy Signal Hill and raspberry fingertip tops

Tired. Worn out. In need of a break. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who works full-time and doesn’t feel that way at this time of year. Not to say we haven’t enjoyed ourselves. It’s been a good year, but a really long one. We’re so looking forward to our ‘staycation’, coming up after just a few more days of work.

It’s that thought, and the following highlights and ‘exciting moments’, that are keeping us going…

Friday, 4 December 2015: Pool fill

Inflatable pool
Friday last week was hot – so hot that Husband decided we were ready to set up the pool for the first time since moving in a year ago. Right now, with water restrictions looming. Ah well. You can just see Bertie leaping out of the pool in the top right, and Bassie watching worriedly in bottom left.
Dog in inflatable pool
Bertie took cautious high-raised steps all around then started galloping excitedly in the water.
Dacschund in the pool
My little one in the not-very-full pool. Love that tiny face!

Saturday, 5 December 2015: Adirondack collection, lazy Driftwood lunch

Husband's desk
First thing Saturday morning we went in to Husband’s work to set up a print that had to be sorted out that weekend. I love his little desk fan.
KFC breakfast
Next stop: Breakfast! We quite enjoy KFC’s ‘AM riser’ – it’s like a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, but nicer. We opt for the version with a hashbrown patty. That’s my cappuccino and Husband’s breakfast Cola, obvs.
collecting Adirondack chair
Next, we collected a slightly damaged Adirondack going to a good home – that’s Husband’s holiday DIY project, so watch this space!
Dog sniffing chair
Bertie had a good sniff once we got it home, as it had all sorts of ‘other doggie odours’.
Mist spray at Driftwood Cafe
Later we went to the Driftwood Cafe for lunch. Here is Husband with his ginger ale, enjoying the mist spray.
Starter nachos at Driftwood Cafe
For me, the starter nachos. So filling I took half home with me for dins.
Custard milkshake at Driftwood Cafe
Later, Husband had a custard milkshake like me. Wonderful thirst-quencher.
Swim in inflatable pool
First swim in home pool! Despite caps and sunblock we got a little burnt. Ouch.
Pool collapsed
But disaster struck! When we got home from doing other weekend things, we found the pool had upended itself – tiny tears in the upper air rim and not 100% flat surface were to blame. Love how the doggies seem to be discussing the situation here.

Sunday,ย 6 December 2015: Cloudy Signal Hill, PBJ French Toast

Signal Hill clouds
We were heading towards Gardens Centre for breakfast on Sunday when Husband noticed very interesting cloud formations near Signal Hill, so we took a little detour…
Thick mist on Signal Hill
Before we knew it we were in a thick mist.
Trees on Signal Hill
But soon popped out into sunshine again – that’s Cape Town weather for you!
Table Mountain and Lion's Head
Just look at it. Lion’s Head is actually my favourite.
On Signal Hill
Taking in the view involves quite a bit of walking around, so we worked up quite an appetite.
Ginger beer at Pulp Kitchen
Curiosity sated, we returned to our original mission of breakfast. Here is Husband with a ginger beer at Pulp Kitchen
Flat white at Pulp Kitchen
This flat white was delicious.
PBJ croissant French toast
Oh. Em. Gee. You guys. If you like French toast, croissants and peanut butter, and you’ve not yet had the PBJ croissant French toast at Pulp Kitchen in Gardens Centre, you. are. missing. out. And at R43 it won’t exactly break the bank…
Breakfast at Pulp Kitchen, Gardens
Husband opted for the traditional brekkie, with a side of chilli mince (not pictured).
Raspberries on finger tips
Later that afternoon mum surprised us with raspberries – I’ve always wanted to stick one on the tip of each finger like she did, teehee.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015: Almond croissant

I forgot my healthy oat breakfast at home on Tuesday so just had to satisfy my hunger with this almond croissant from the coffee shop downstairs. Well worth it for R12!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015: Best shortcake cookie

Homemade shortcake cookies
On Wednesday, my lovely colleague Angie (you can just see her peering at her screen) brought in a batch of homemade shortcake cookies. They were so more-ish I asked for the recipe!

Thursday, 10 December 2015: Barclays Rise Innovation hub launch at Woodstock Exchange

Boston Terrier sculpture at the Woodstock Exchange
As my final business event for the year was held on Thursday evening at the Woodstock Exchange, I simply skedaddled across from the office. I had not been to the Exchange before so had to photograph this enormous silver-and-black sleepy Boston Terrier sculpture.
Ice Cream Ninjas ice cream with Table Mountain in background
A special blend of ice cream concocted by the Ice Cream Ninjas, just for me, at the event. It included coffee, peanut butter, fudge and a brownie. Just perfect.

Friday, 11 December 2015: Desk-side daquiris

Strawberry mint daquiri
As much of the working world was going on leave from today, we had celebratory cocktails blended right in the office to sip at our desks. This was my yummy strawberry-mint daquiri

That’s all, folks! ๐Ÿ™‚ Depending on the weather, this weekend will likely be another relaxed one.

Rescuing tiny octopi, delicious brownies and advent calendars 2015

Wow, another week come and gone! We’re so close to the end of the year now, yet it feels so far off still. At least summer has finally arrived in Cape Town, with the doggies unsure whether it’s best to sit under the fan or run through the sprinkler outside in an attempt to stay cool. Here are a few of my most recent highlights…

Saturday, 28 November 2015: Primi breakfast, Pitmasters’ lunch

Large latte at Primi on Blouberg beach
Last Saturday started off with an extra large latte for me. Just look at the size of it!
Breakfast at Primi
Husband had a Cola and this very filling breakfast bowl.
Blouberg beach
The weather was so gorgeous, we trotted across the road to dip our toes in the sea.
Husband in wetsuit
So gorgeous, in fact, that we headed home for some beach things and then returned to set up camp for a while. Here is Husband in his wet suit, about to pick mussels off the rocks. I stayed in safety under our umbrella and read with toes in the sand.
Tiny octopus
But it’s not just mussels that Husband hauled… he also got hold of a tiny octopus, hidden in an open mussel shell! He took it back to the deep blue after I’d met it.
Pitmasters on Woodbridge Island
By then we’d worked up an appetite so set off to try Pitmasters on Woodbridge Island. This is our ‘waiting patiently for our food’ selfie
Striped Horse beer at Pitmasters.
Husband tried a ‘Striped Horse’ beer. Yes, that’s actually a zebra. Teehee.
Pulled pork burger at Pitmasters
And then the food came! This was Husband’s pulled pork burger, topped with coleslaw and sriracha sauce
Salted caramel brownie at Pitmasters
For me, a Fanta and this delicious salted caramel brownie. Moist and warm and gooey, it was just perfect.

Sunday, 29 November 2015: Brekkie at home and pretty sunset

Double yolk eggs
Husband had bought extra large eggs in our weekly shop and was delighted to find they held double yolks!
Caramel iced coffee from Reload
As it was another scorcher I opted for a caramel iced coffee instead of the regular steamy version from Reload. It was amazing.
Tame chicken at Driftwood
Much later that afternoon we stopped in at the Driftwood. Here is one of the resident chickens, pottering around the tables.
Milo shake at Driftwood
I went for a Milo shake this time.
Black Label draught at Driftwood Cafe
Husband had a Black Label draught in a Castle draught glass, as you do.
Pink sky at sunset
Sunset from the parents’ house much, much later that eve

Tuesday, 1 December: Hot doggies and advent calendars

Hot dog lying on cool tiles
The doggies were very hot this week. Here is Bertie lying on the cool tiled floor after a quick dash through the sprinklers outside.
Leigh's dog under ceiling fan
Little Miss Bassie preferred to sit on the arm of the couch, directly under the ceiling fan. Such little characters, they are.
Opening advent calendar
And as it was the first of December, I could open the first window of my advent calendar. Yes, I am 31-years-old… spot the hopeful doggie just behind me.

That’s all, folks – this weekend’s set to be another scorcher – keep cool! ๐Ÿ™‚