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Pork belly-bacon benedict at Steenberg’s Bistro Sixteen82 and posing with Just Nuisance

Wowee. Second work week of the year done and dusted, and it feels like two months rather than two weeks since we were on leave. It’s a combination of intense heat, slow internet and sheer hard work. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have any highlights to share – view our latest batch below…

Saturday, 16 January 2016: Panama Jacks lunch, swimming in the icy Atlantic

Rolls at Panama Jacks
We do love lunching at Panama Jacks in the harbour. Always a treat to be served rolls before the food arrives…
Pasta at Panama Jacks
We each went with the fettuccini mains. Mine is the verde (green, R40) – asparagus, parmesan cheese, thin slivers of baby marrow. Husband had the marinara, (R50) with a mussel chowder starter (R25). He finished his, I had to bring mine home for dins!
Fettuccini at Panama Jacks
You’re not to admire my shiny forehead in this photo but just how well I twirled the fettuccini on my fork. Teehee.
Table Mountain seen from Blouberg
On the lazy ride home we had to stop at the beach. T’was like a postcard!
Swimming in the sea
And of course, Husband wasn’t content just to look at it. Here he is, frollicking in the waves.
Dog in plants
Much, much later, once the temperature had dropped a little, we took the doggies for a walk around the suburb. Bertie loves chasing things in the shrubs.

Sunday, 17 January 2016: Brunch at Steenberg’s Bistro Sixteen82

Bistro Sixteen82 at Steenberg Estate
On Sunday we woke late and couldn’t decide on a suitable spot to break our 12-hour fast. We eventually ended up at Steenberg Wine Estate and decided to treat ourselves to brunch at Bistro Sixteen82, known for its pork belly-bacon.
Bistro Sixteen82 chandelier
This colourful chandelier is quite something to see in person.
Flat white at Bistro Sixteen82.
Of course I started with a flat white. T’was delicious. Look at the gorgeous scenery behind me – all that green was very soothing on the eyes.
Honey brioche at Steenberg Estate's Bistro Sixteen82
What a lovely surprise. While waiting for our pork belly-bacon eggs benedicts, we were served hot, fresh honey brioche.
Oyster starter at Bistro Sixteen82
Of course Husband had an oyster starter. For breakfast…
Eggs benedict with pork belly-bacon
And then, the eggs benedict arrived. Oh. My. Goodness, was it delicious. The pork belly-bacon is amazing, the little tomatoes were steamy and the Hollandaise was just right. Plus they’re served on potato rosti instead of stodgy English muffins. At R72, that’s not bad at all!
Little boats in Simon's Town harbour
As we were already pretty far from home we decided to revisit Simon’s Town. These are some of the dinky little boats right at the harbour’s edge.
Just Nuisance statue in Simon's Town
Can’t visit Simon’s Town and miss taking a photo with the statue of Just Nuisance. Though he seems to have been moved somewhat since the last time we were there
Ice cream on the beach
Husband is one of the little ‘people dots’ floating in the sea. I sat on the beach with my book and a sugar cone instead.
Dog on chair
Bassie insisted on sitting on her Granny’s lap when we visited for lupper. Both grinned.
Onions on burger
As it was so hot, we had Do-It-Yourself burgers for dins. Husband placed his onion slices in pleasingly concentric circles on his patty.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016: Midweek sunset

I caught the very end of the sunset – much more spectacular in real life!

That’s all, folks. Sounds like we’re in for a spot of rain this weekend, will bring welcome relief from the incessant heat!

CT’s best salmon eggs benedict and cruising with ‘tyred’ sea lions

T’was the first week back at work in the Andrews household, but it was by no means slow-going. So busy were we that I forgot to bring home the computer connect-y cord on Friday, hence delay in publishing this.

See our highlights below…

Saturday, 9 January 2016: Company’s Garden breakfast, City SightSeeing CT Harbour Cruise

Cappuccino at Company's Garden
Nothing starts off the weekend better than a cappuccino/flat white. And the delicious biscotti on the side took it up a notch. This was at Company’s Garden. Last time we went their coffee machine was broken so I made do with a pot of tea. This time I was all too happy to get the caffeine I needed the way I wanted ๐Ÿ™‚
French toast at Company's garden
Of course there are lots of yummy things on the breakfast menu but as I know what a winner the French toast is, with crispy bacon, strawberries and creme fraiche, I stuck to what I love.
Salmon eggs benedict at Company's garden
For Husband, the salmon eggs benedict, which he confirms is the best he’s had in CT. The Hollandaise sauce is just the right creamy tangy consistency, the English muffin is toasted just so, and the salmon fresh fresh fresh.
Husband day care at Waterfront
Lol at this sign at the V&A Waterfront. We didn’t have to make use of the service luckily, but good to know it’s there!
Waterfront dry dock
We stopped at the dry dock to have a look at the boat waiting there. Amazing to think how heavy it must be.
Titanic exhibition at Waterfront
Tried his hand at being captain outside the Titanic exhibition. Prefers being a commander.
City Sightseeing Cape Town harbour tour
And then we took to the sea! We thoroughly enjoyed the City Sightseeing Cape Town sunset bus tour for Husband’s birthday last year (click here for a reminder), so when we saw their harbour cruise option is just R40 per person we ran across to the dock and hopped on. Fascinating tour around the Waterfront harbour and the red earphones means you get to hear a quick history of all the sights. Well worth it!
Sitting on City Sightseeing Cape Town harbour tour
T’was such a delightful ‘tourist in your own city’ thing to do.
Swooping seagulls at boats
Seagulls swooping down for food near the I&J warehouse.
Table Mountain seen from sea.
So very pretty. View from our furthest point out to sea before we turned around for the return trip.
Seal in Waterfront harbour
Those black things in the water are bits of sea lion. He was floating lazily on his back. But there were even more exhausted sea lions to be seen…
Seal in Wheel, Waterfront harbour
See? It seems we have an epidemic of lazy seals. This one is sleeping in a tyre – and the sight is so common that the CitySightseeing Cape Town audio commentary dubs him and his fellow sleepy sea lions ‘seals on wheels’.
Seal sleeping
Just look at that sleepy little face, deep in dreamland.

Sunday, 10 January 2016: Star Wars in iMax

Popcorn and Cola at the iMax in Cape Gate
Yip, you read that right – not content with merely starting the December vacation with a viewing of the latest Star Wars movie in 3D, the highlight of our final day of leave was watching it again – this time at Cape Gate in iMax – with these super enormous movie treats of Cola and popcorn.

Workweek highlights: Animal print on the bus and GetSmarter certification

Animal-print tops on MyCiti
T’was a long, tough week of acclimatising to the work day and deadlines again. The sight of two ladies in a row dressed in different animal-print tops made me smile once I finally got a seat on the bus trip home.
UCT GetSmarter SEO certificate
Tis official! A certificate from UCT and GetSmarter arrived as proof of my successful completion of their SEO short course. Husband says we’ll have to make space for it on the wall of smart ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all, folks! Expect my next update within the week. Take it easy…

Hotels by the sea, mini mussel pots and summery sunflowers

What a week it’s been! With it being week 8 of my 10-week GetSmarter SEO course I’ve not attended many events after hours in the past few weeks, but this week there was one I just couldn’t refuse, in walking distance to work. And of course we packed in as many fun activities as possible around my weekend assignments…

Friday, ย 16 October 2015: Local Spur dins

A Bar-One milkshake at West Coast Village Spur
It all started with a continuation of the ‘milkshake love‘ from earlier in the day. I was still so full from my Bootleggers burger that all I had room for was this Bar-One shake. It was just as good as it looks.
The chicken bacon avo salad at Spur
You can just see a bit of Husband’s bacon-chicken-avo salad. I helped him finish.

Saturday, 17 October 2015: Blueberries breakfast and RWC victory

Pouring espresso into frothed milk at Blueberries in Table View Shopping Centre
As Saturday was the quarter-final leg of RWC2015 we simply had to wear South Africa/Springbok gear. This is me pouring my espresso into my frothed milk at Blueberries in Table View Shopping Centre – we’ve lived in the area for almost 3 years now and this was our first visit!
Eggs Florentine at Blueberries
You’re probably wondering what on earth Husband is eating. That’s how his eggs Florentine was served, with toast on the side. Despite being a bit runny, it was good, he said.
A banana and caramel stuffed pancake at Blueberries
And for me? Of course I went for something decadent – this here banana-and-caramel stuffed pancake is just what the doctor ordered!
Watching the Springboks rugby win with Leigh's dogs.
Skip over some shopping, gardening and assignment stress – here we are watching the Springboks slide into the RWC2015 semi-finals!

Sunday, 18 October 2015: Pricy breakfasts, exploring Lagoon Beach hotel and enjoying the ย afternoon sunshine

A cappuccino with shortbread biscuit at Bread & Butter
If you’re charging me R25 for a short cappuccino, it had better come with a shortbread biscuit, like this one at Bread & Butter.
Flapjack stack with bacon and banana at Bread & Butter
My rather amazing flapjack stack included grilled banana, crispy streaky bacon and lots of extra syrup on the side. Just perfect.
Eggs benedict at Bread & BUtter
And for Husband? Eggs benedict, of course. He wishes they’d serve on plates instead of breadboards.
Exploring Lagoon Beach Hotel
Then we went on a little explore, as the weather was just so sunny. We headed to Lagoon Beach Hotel to have a looksie.
The outdoor pool at Lagoon Beach.
This is Husband at the (cold) outdoor pool overlooking the beach. There are supposedly warm pools on the premises too but we didn’t spot them… and we’re pretty good at being hotel spies!
Flowers in vases at Lagoon Beach Hotel
Gorgeous display of assorted flowers indoors. Yes, they’re real.
Shoes in the sand at Driftwood Cafe
Not yet ready to sit indoors, we headed to our weekend afternoon favourite – the Driftwood. I kicked off my shoes, obvs.
The mussel pot starter at the Driftwood Cafe
Husband enjoyed his mussel pot starter.
Leigh sitting near a duck at the Driftwood Cafe
So many assorted birdies were around that day.
Greeting a duck at Driftwood Cafe
A curious feathered friend nibbled gently at Husband’s fingers

Wednesday, 21 October: Oats-so-easy in a pot and interesting local art

New Jungle Oats so easy easy heat pot
Wednesday was set to be a busy day as I was attending an art expo near work once the clock struck 6pm. To get me through, I tried the new Jungle Oats so easy ‘apple cashew’ easy heat pot. Very tasty but not something for every day, at R10.
Painting at Bright Space in Woodstock
I’ve been to the Bright Space on Albert Street a few times now but always find something new to marvel at. This painting is what caught my attention on Wednesday evening on my way to see the ‘Poem painting project’ – click here for my overview..
Satin art work at Bright Day in Woodstock
Of all the art on display, this was my favourite, titled ‘Rage’.

Thursday, 22 October 2015: Beautiful flowers at Design Indaba offices

Sunflowers at Design Indaba offices.
Thursday was another busy day with an afternoon planning meeting at Design Indaba’s offices in town. Have you ever seen a more summery sight than this? They’re almost ‘minion yellow’, one of this year’s two Pantone colours.

That’s all, folks! Hope you’ve had a wonderful week ๐Ÿ™‚

Sea Point road trip, milkshakes outdoors and Bootleggers’ burgers

Last week a dear friend who is moving to Cape Town herself soon posted an image of the most amazing-looking milkshakes to my Facebook wall – they’re from the new hole-in-the-wall in Sea Point called My Sugar.

Warning: don’t click this review by Eat Out unless you want to drool. Unfortunately it seems everyone and their best friend also read the post, so when we eventually got there mid-morning Saturday they were closed for a private function of sorts, using all three of their inside tables. Never fear, we’ll try them again soon, and still managed a lovely weekend as the sun decided to come out at long last – see some of my highlights below…

Friday, 9 October 2015: Bertie sleeps upside down

Leigh's dog bertie sleeping
Bertie fell asleep in his dad’s arms, watching TV
Leigh's dog Bertie upside down.
This photo’s not upside down, the dog is (see Husband vaguely behind him is right way around).

Saturday, 10 October 2015: Sea Point road trip, home and garden work

granola and Bootleggers' flat white at La Vie, Sea Point
Excuse the very wind-swept hair, nearly got blown off my feet in Sea Point and Husband didn’t point out my hair was a little mussed. This was my huge bowl of very yummy granola and a Bootleggers’ flat white at La Vie.
Eggs benedict at La Vie
Here is Husband with his large Cola and eggs ben with lots of salmon.
Sitting in Sea Point
On finding My Sugar closed, following our lovely breakfast we walked around Sea Point a bit, stopping at a bench to watch the sea – and a seagull decided to wish Husband ‘luck’ by plopping on his foot. He went down to the sea to wash it off.

Sunday, 11 October 2015: Milkshakes in the sunshine and doggy walks in the suburbs

Wimpy toasted cheese and mega coffee
Sunday morning breakfast was a Wimpy local. This made me happy – toasted cheese (not on a stick) with lots of chips, a mega Wimpy coffee and the Sunday paper to read.
Leigh's Husband with a black Label draught at Driftwoof Cafe
Later that afternoon we stopped off at the Driftwood Cafe for a treat. It was so delightful sitting in the sun. Here is Husband with his beer.
Peanut bitter custard milkshake at Driftwood Cafe
For me? My favourite peanut butter-custard milkshake!
Leigh and Husband at Driftwood Cafe
I insisted on a photo of both of us against the greenery.
Leigh's Husband painting steel gate
When we got home, Husband got to work painting our front gate
Reed walls behind water feature
It was a busy afternoon as our first reed panels also arrived, to be placed behind our water feature. These are deceptively heavy!
Leigh's parents' patio
Mum also decided to make the most of the sunny weather by making picnic-food for lupper, with lots of potato salad, chicken schnitzel pitas and more.
Leigh's dog Bassie sitting on her lap
Not one to be left out, Bassie jumped onto my lap and gnawed a finger.
Leigh's dog Bertie going on a walk in Sunningdale.
Later that afternoon we took the doggies for a walk around Mum’s neighbourhood. Bertie enjoyed all the purple wildflowers.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015: Press preview breakfast at the Netherlands embassy, day of tasty treats

Netherlands embassy front door
On Wednesday, I attended a press preview of the new Dutch-SA #CoCreate design initiative. This is the rather tall front door of the Netherlands embassy in Strand Street. The Dutch are known as a very tall nation, so…
Breakfast at the Dutch embassy, Cape Town.
Once I got inside I was met with a lovely assortment of breakfast eats, like these fruit skewers, club sandwich-type triangles and salmony things.
Cupcake with pearl decorations
And when I got back to the office it was time to sing to a colleague celebrating her birthday – she baked these delicious cupcakes, as well as coconut hertzoggie types. Mmm.
Mini milktart's Leigh's mom baked
When mum and dad came for dins that evening, she surprised us with these mini milktarts she’d baked. Yum.
Pink clouds
A pretty pink sky that night…

Friday, 16 October 2015: Department lunch at Bootleggers, Kenilworth

Bootleggers coffee company in Kenilworth
Bootleggers coffee company, our venue of choice for lunch. Note how very full it was.
Toffee milkshake at Bootleggers, Kenilworth.
Always tricky choosing what to drink at a place known for its excellent coffee, but when I saw ‘toffee milkshake’ on the menu I had to give it a try. Good choice as it was an amazing flavour. See other assorted colleagues’ drinks on the table, including a flat white exactly like the one I had at La Vie on Saturday.
Triple cheese chili burger and fries at Bootleggers
To eat? The triple cheese chili burger and fries. I’d cheated and looked at the menu before we left the office so knew what I was having before we got there. Ate every single mouthful. Pricy at R95 but very good.
Leigh's colleagues from Bizcommunity.
Time to smile – and pay. Best group of colleagues, most present but some past.

That’s all, folks! Catch you next week…

Weird wall gizmos and job title celebrations

The past weekend was a goodie as I finally started feeling better from bronchitis – antibiotics are a necessary evil – and we didn’t have much on the cards, so could spend some time relaxing and rejuvenating. Here’s what we got up to…

Friday, 2 October 2015: Dogs in various positions on couches

Leigh's dogs Bassie and Bertie on the couch with Bertie's toy
First the doggies decided to take up the whole couch – Bertie placed Bear perfectly so there just wasn’t enough space for his parents to join in.
Bertie resting against Leigh on the couch as she studies
Then Bassie moved to sit with her dad and Bertie decided to help me with my studies… note lots of medicine on top of ‘shades of grey’ cabinet.
Leigh's dogs sleeping on the couch
Eventually all three relocated to the other couch. Note Bertie has Bear under his chin and has placed himself over Bassie.

Saturday, 3 October 2015: Brekkie overlooking rainy Rondebosch Common

Cappuccino at Common Ground, Rondebosch
Saturday dawned cold and drizzly… with the realisation that I’d left most of my notes for that week’s assignments in the office. So we headed out for breakfast in the general vicinity of work, ending up at Common Ground for breakfast.
Bacon and banana French toast at Common Ground, Rondebosch
‘Common ground’ is a clever name because apart from the obvious, it’s also a coffee shop (ground) opposite the Rondebosch Common. Our table was fairly situated in the middle but we could still watch the rain pouring down. I opted for the bacon and banana French toast.
Leigh's husband eating eggs benedict at Common Ground, Rondebosch
Here’s Husband in mid-chew of his eggs benedict – yes, I have considered renaming the blog “French toast and eggs ben”!
Leigh with takeaway box at Common Ground, Rondebsch
So much was the French toast that I took half home with me to finish off that afternoon. Note we both proudly wore South Africa supporter shirts to support the Springboks in that evening’s RWC match.
Delos antiques wall art
Next stop – work to collect my assignment notes. While waiting for the guard to arrive and let me in, we explored the ‘Delos’ building next door. It’s filled with antiques like chandeliers, fancy tables and somewhat scary wall decorations, like this guy.
Metal wall owls at the nursery
Notes in hand, we stopped off at the nursery, where I fell in love with a selection of metal outdoor wall owlies. Still deciding which is my favourite.
Watching rugby on the couch
Gardening and assignments complete, we settled in to watch the rugby – Bertie was very interested and kept checking with his dad for approval, Bassie ignored the festivities.

Sunday, 4 October 2015: New job title celebrations

Leigh hugging her dogs on couch
Still not feeling 100%, I enjoyed some early morning cuddles with the doggies before we ventured out for breakfast, as we do.
Liegh's husband buttering toast at Greens
We ended up at Greens. Husband had his favourite deluxe breakfast – here he is buttering his toast
French toast with pineapple and coconut at Greens
I had a chai latte and tried the coconut-pineapple French toast. Delicious.
Milk tart with cinnamon decoration
Mum had bought the most beautifully patterned milk tart to celebrate my new job title (am officially editor-in-chief: marketing & media)…
Laborie MCC
And we had dry pink MCC to top off the celebrations.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015: Business of Design conferencing at ICIC

Coffee and muffin at Inner City Ideas Cartel
It was a busy week for me as I covered two conferences. The first was the Spring 2015 edition of Business of Design, held at the Inner City Ideas Cartel. This was my rushed tea-time treat between taking notes and networking.
Egg chairs on Inner City Ideas Cartel rooftop
Lunch that afternoon was served on the rooftop. I love these egg chairs!

Thursday, 8 October 2015: Mobile 360 Africa conferencing at African Pride Crystal Towers

Fishing sculpture in African Pride Crystal Towers hotel
My second conference of the week was the GSMA Mobile 360 Africa, held at the African Pride Crystal Towers hotel in Century City. This sculpture is fascinating.
Mini mille feulle with coffee
The conference content may have been technical and detailed, but the snacks were delicious. This was a mini mille feulle with my coffee
Orange flowers in Century City
Later that afternoon I had to take a shot of these gorgeous citrus blooms on my walk to the Myciti station. Yes, those are colourful cats on my sock.

That’s all, folks! Until next time…