Sea Point road trip, milkshakes outdoors and Bootleggers’ burgers

Last week a dear friend who is moving to Cape Town herself soon posted an image of the most amazing-looking milkshakes to my Facebook wall – they’re from the new hole-in-the-wall in Sea Point called My Sugar.

Warning: don’t click this review by Eat Out unless you want to drool. Unfortunately it seems everyone and their best friend also read the post, so when we eventually got there mid-morning Saturday they were closed for a private function of sorts, using all three of their inside tables. Never fear, we’ll try them again soon, and still managed a lovely weekend as the sun decided to come out at long last – see some of my highlights below…

Friday, 9 October 2015: Bertie sleeps upside down

Leigh's dog bertie sleeping
Bertie fell asleep in his dad’s arms, watching TV
Leigh's dog Bertie upside down.
This photo’s not upside down, the dog is (see Husband vaguely behind him is right way around).

Saturday, 10 October 2015: Sea Point road trip, home and garden work

granola and Bootleggers' flat white at La Vie, Sea Point
Excuse the very wind-swept hair, nearly got blown off my feet in Sea Point and Husband didn’t point out my hair was a little mussed. This was my huge bowl of very yummy granola and a Bootleggers’ flat white at La Vie.
Eggs benedict at La Vie
Here is Husband with his large Cola and eggs ben with lots of salmon.
Sitting in Sea Point
On finding My Sugar closed, following our lovely breakfast we walked around Sea Point a bit, stopping at a bench to watch the sea – and a seagull decided to wish Husband ‘luck’ by plopping on his foot. He went down to the sea to wash it off.

Sunday, 11 October 2015: Milkshakes in the sunshine and doggy walks in the suburbs

Wimpy toasted cheese and mega coffee
Sunday morning breakfast was a Wimpy local. This made me happy – toasted cheese (not on a stick) with lots of chips, a mega Wimpy coffee and the Sunday paper to read.
Leigh's Husband with a black Label draught at Driftwoof Cafe
Later that afternoon we stopped off at the Driftwood Cafe for a treat. It was so delightful sitting in the sun. Here is Husband with his beer.
Peanut bitter custard milkshake at Driftwood Cafe
For me? My favourite peanut butter-custard milkshake!
Leigh and Husband at Driftwood Cafe
I insisted on a photo of both of us against the greenery.
Leigh's Husband painting steel gate
When we got home, Husband got to work painting our front gate
Reed walls behind water feature
It was a busy afternoon as our first reed panels also arrived, to be placed behind our water feature. These are deceptively heavy!
Leigh's parents' patio
Mum also decided to make the most of the sunny weather by making picnic-food for lupper, with lots of potato salad, chicken schnitzel pitas and more.
Leigh's dog Bassie sitting on her lap
Not one to be left out, Bassie jumped onto my lap and gnawed a finger.
Leigh's dog Bertie going on a walk in Sunningdale.
Later that afternoon we took the doggies for a walk around Mum’s neighbourhood. Bertie enjoyed all the purple wildflowers.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015: Press preview breakfast at the Netherlands embassy, day of tasty treats

Netherlands embassy front door
On Wednesday, I attended a press preview of the new Dutch-SA #CoCreate design initiative. This is the rather tall front door of the Netherlands embassy in Strand Street. The Dutch are known as a very tall nation, so…
Breakfast at the Dutch embassy, Cape Town.
Once I got inside I was met with a lovely assortment of breakfast eats, like these fruit skewers, club sandwich-type triangles and salmony things.
Cupcake with pearl decorations
And when I got back to the office it was time to sing to a colleague celebrating her birthday – she baked these delicious cupcakes, as well as coconut hertzoggie types. Mmm.
Mini milktart's Leigh's mom baked
When mum and dad came for dins that evening, she surprised us with these mini milktarts she’d baked. Yum.
Pink clouds
A pretty pink sky that night…

Friday, 16 October 2015: Department lunch at Bootleggers, Kenilworth

Bootleggers coffee company in Kenilworth
Bootleggers coffee company, our venue of choice for lunch. Note how very full it was.
Toffee milkshake at Bootleggers, Kenilworth.
Always tricky choosing what to drink at a place known for its excellent coffee, but when I saw ‘toffee milkshake’ on the menu I had to give it a try. Good choice as it was an amazing flavour. See other assorted colleagues’ drinks on the table, including a flat white exactly like the one I had at La Vie on Saturday.
Triple cheese chili burger and fries at Bootleggers
To eat? The triple cheese chili burger and fries. I’d cheated and looked at the menu before we left the office so knew what I was having before we got there. Ate every single mouthful. Pricy at R95 but very good.
Leigh's colleagues from Bizcommunity.
Time to smile – and pay. Best group of colleagues, most present but some past.

That’s all, folks! Catch you next week…

3 thoughts on “Sea Point road trip, milkshakes outdoors and Bootleggers’ burgers”

  1. So lovely to see some sunshine again, and the purple wildflowers look amazing, Bertkin enjoys tinkling on them every week .

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