Orphaned duckies, icecream sandwiches and fireworks on the beach

My parents were out of power for most of last Sunday due to the electricity pylon that toppled over after a storm in the area (you’ve probably heard about it, it made all the top news – if you missed it, click here!) As a result, we headed to the nearest Mike’s Kitchen to try their carvery Sunday lunch. That’s just one of this week’s highlights though, see below…

Friday, 30 November 2015: Sunset gazing from our back verandah

Sunset sky from verandah
After last week’s blogging, I simply had to capture the pretty sunset sky.

Saturday, 31 October 2015: Eden Cafe breakfast, Earth Cafe dins

Cappuccino at Eden Cafe
We headed out bright and early last Saturday to get some weekend admin sorted before I settled myself at the laptop to work on my latest assignments. Eden Cafe was the only place in Eden on the Bay open for breakfast. Not that we minded! Here is my cappuccino with a shortbread square on the side
Flapjacks with walnuts, banana and marscapone at Eden Cafe
To eat, I always go for their flapjacks with marscapone, fresh banana slices and walnuts. Delightful.
Panini with scrambled eggs at Eden Cafe
Husband opted for their surfer panini filled with scrambled eggs and bacon. Not his usual eggs ben.
Sweet-and-sour chicken at Earth Cafe, Parklands
Much, much later we ventured out again for dins from the reopened Earth Cafe in Parklands. I had their sweet-and-sour chicken.
Seafood noodles at Earth Cafe, Parklands
Here is Husband with his favourite seafood noodles

Sunday, 1ย November 2015: Joe’s Diner brekkie, Mike’s Kitchen carvery

Waffle and cappuccino at Joe's Diner in Canal Walk
We started our chilly Sunday at Canal Walk. I opted for a cappuccino and breakfast waffle, as you can see…
English breakfast at Joe's Diner
Husband had an English brekkie. Note he is bookended by Tabasco sauce and a large Cola, so he’s happy.
Canal Walk gaming display
We walked through the gaming display. Husband had a few moments of fun.
Mike's Kitchen carvery
We all enjoyed the carvery at Mike’s Kitchen that afternoon. I regret not trying one of their fancy milkshakes like the chocolate-cherry or Oreo-caramel treat option. Next time!
Chickens on a welcome mat
It was so cold that afternoon that the resident chickens at the local nursery were all huddled on the welcome mat.
Bertie's bear.
Note how Bertie’s bear is missing its facial features? He says it’s favourite song is “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you“. Teehee
Ice-cream sandwiches
Homemade ice-cream sandwiches at Mum’s house for tea, much later…

Monday, 2 November 2015: Curry suppers

Chicken curry from Yeh Dosti
We do like curry on a Monday. We’d noticed Yeh Dosti Durban curries in the same centre as Mike’s Kitchen on Sunday, so popped in after work on Monday to try them out. This is Husband’s chicken curry. So good we were back again tonight!
Toasted sandwich at Yeh Dosti
I just went for the toasted bean curry. Nice thick white bread. The fire hydrant to my left is a good sign ๐Ÿ™‚

Tuesday, 4 November: Duckies at Husband’s work

Ducklings in water
Look at these sweet little duckies splashing about at Husband’s work! A colleague of his stopped to pick them up after they were left orphaned on her way to work on Tuesday. They spent the day cheeping for their mom.

Thursday, 5 November: Guy Fawkes fireworks on the beach

Watching fireworks on Blouberg beach
I know, I know. They left a huge mess – but it’s all since been cleared up. And as they were on the beachfront, organised by City of Cape Town, hardly any fireworks were let off in the suburbs. We weren’t intending to attend but were struck by a whim after dins, so packed the beach chairs in the boot and set off to see what we could see. We also experienced the kindness of strangers when we lost our car keys in the sand. Husband hugged the guy who eventually found them, after much digging through the dunes.

And that is that, folks! Here’s to another great weekend ahead…

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