Conference treats, final assignment submission milkshakes and pink skies

What a week it’s been! Over and above the usual doggy-parenting, working and remembering to eat, this past week was the final one of the UCT GetSmarter part-time online SEO course I’ve been busy with for the past 10 weeks. As a result the assignments we had to complete were the most comprehensive yet and I only really finished on Sunday, so we have fewer pics than usual for you to peruse, but rest assured everything will be back to normal from this week! Yay! Relief! ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday, 6 November 2015: Reputation Matters conference treats

Teatime treats at Fire & Ice
I should have mentioned I’d been out conferencing last Friday but my brain was frazzled so Iย forgot to tell you anything about it! It’s hard work live-tweeting (especially if the Wi-Fi’s spotty and your phone’s 3G doesn’t play along), while also taking down notes, networking and taking in what’s being said, but someone has to do it! These teatime treats make up for it…

Saturday, 7 November 2015: Wimpy breakfast, Jerry’s burgers dins

Wimpy breakfast
We had lots of errands to run last Saturday morning so wanted a fast breakfast – Wimpy did the trick. That’s my toasted cheese (on a stick) with chips and a Mega coffee. You can just make out Husband’s streaky bacon breakfast at the other end of the table, by the Tabasco sauce bottle.
Jerry's Blouberg
We’d heard that a branch of Jerry’s ‘burgers, craft and shine’ (that’s craft beer and moonshine) had opened in our area so went to have a looksie once I’d done as much assignment-ing as possible that eve. Here is Husband, hiding behind the menu
Apple pie milkshake at Jerry's
That’s my apple-pie milkshake treat. Delicious and oh-so-sweet.
Hot chips at Jerry's
We enjoyed munching on hot, salty crisps while awaiting our burgers (they didn’t take that long to arrive)
Burgers at Jerry's
Tadaah! Husband had the drunken chicken, which was ‘nice’, and had to help me finish my Jerry’s Original with Swiss cheese.

Sunday, 8 November 2015: Breakfast at Stodels, celebratory milkshake at Mike’s Kitchen

Breakfast at Lisa's, Stodels nursery.
We wanted to do some garden nursery things on Sunday so started off with breakfast at Lisa’s in Stodels. Here is Husband with his double-lemon slice Cola.
Cappuccino at Lisa's
For me, a tall cappuccino. I was either at table 5 or table 27. Not sure how the waiters knew.
Chicken at Stodels
One of the glossy chickens we’d seen huddled up on the doorstep the previous week came over to ask for some scraps. Alas, we were all done by the time he reached us.
Jasmine creeper
This is what we’d been to the nursery for – jasmine to grow along a trellis! Husband created this (it involved sawing the roof off of the unused doggy house) while I was sweating over my final assignment. I was pleased with the outcome, as was Bertie, as you can see.
Oreo-caramel treat milkshake at Mike's Kitchen
And much later that afternoon, I clicked ‘submit’ on my final assignment. Yay! We headed off to Mikes Kitchen where I tried the Oreo-caramel treat milkshake. It was goooood and I needed a long spoon to dig out all the bits of biscuit and caramel globs. Yummo.
Strawberries with ice-cream
Later at mum’s, we had strawberries with ice-cream.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015: Lentil bobotie and pink skies

Lentil bobotie
Mum created this wonderful lentil bobotie for our dins on Tuesday eve.
Pink sky
The sky that evening was spectacular, with lots of our neighbours posting amazing photos of sunset over the sea. I snapped this quickly while looking out the bedroom window.

That’s all, folks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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