Wading through rockpools, new water features and non-braai day 2015

It’s not quite officially Spring in Cape Town until I’ve had one last mystery bug/illness/bodily manifestation of stress to sap all the fun out of things. That’s exactly what happened last weekend – no mention of the Springboks’ #RWC2015 defeat, but it certainly didn’t help. It started with a hacking cough, moved on to body aches and shivers and even included a bit of a migraine for most of Heritage Day, so we’ve postponed our planned braai to this coming weekend.

Luckily I’m finally on the mend, and it wasn’t ALL bad, as you’ll see below…

Saturday, 19 September 2015: Coffee wisdom and sitting at the sea

Mugg&Bean coffee coaster says to be the person your dog thinks you are.
Great advice, Mugg&Bean ๐Ÿ™‚
Leigh sits in a very high-backed purple chair in Bayside Mall
I felt positively queenly – and a little bit silly – posing in this far-too-tall chair slapbang in the middle of Bayside Mall after brekkie
Leigh's dog Bertie playing with his bear
Bertie Andrews loves his bear. For some reason he’s pulled out most of the stuffing. My theory is that the animals he sees on TV are 2D, so he tries to make his toys look the same?
Leigh's Husband in the rockpools at Blouberg beach
The weather was glorious so we did some playing ourselves. That’s Husband stomping around in rockpools
Leigh sitting on rocks at Blouberg beach
I got so wet stomping across at low time that I had to sit and thaw out on the rocks.
Ice cream in front of Table Mountain
Still not cool enough, we went further up the beach for ice cream cones. Husband had a cherry swirl, I had butter pecan. Mmm!
Leigh's dog Bertie in front of the new water feature in their garden
Later that evening while I completed last week’s assignments, Husband installed our new water feature. Bertie was pleased

Sunday, 20 September 2015: Breakfast at Greens, doggie walks

A latte at Greens coffee shop in Plattekloof Village Shopping Centre
We got up a bit later than usual on Sunday and drove around a bit to find something different for breakfast – and something different we found! This latte at Greens in Plattekloof Village Shopping Centre was nice and strong
eggs benedict with spinach and mushrooms at Greens
Husband tried the eggs benedict with spinach and mushrooms, thoroughly enjoyed it
Leigh with French toast and berries and bacon at Greens in Plattekloof Village Shopping Centre
You can see I’m looking a little ill and windswept here, but look at my lovely French toast with berries and bacon! We have to return to try other things on the menu…
Leigh's dog Bertie in new walking harness
Later that afternoon, we took Bertie’s new blue harness along to his Granny’s house so he could try it out after lupper.
Leigh and her mom taking her dogs Bassie and Bertie for a walk in Sunningdale
And go for walkies we did! Mum and me took Bassie and Bertie down the road to a secluded park and let them do a few laps, all enjoyed the outing

Tuesday, 22 September 2015: Two pretty highlights

Cupcake with sprinkles in the office
By Tuesday my cough was getting noticable – luckily my lovely colleague had stayed up all night baking cupcakes to celebrate her birthday. Tasted just as good as it looks.
The shot’s a little hazy as I took it out the bedroom window that night, but a pink-streaked sky always makes me smile

Thursday, 24 September 2015: Non-braai day

A muesli jar and eggs and beans on toast for breakfast at News Cafe, Blouberg
We stopped in at News Cafe for breakfast – Husband ordered for me as I’d lost my voice. I had the early bird muesli jar for R25, Husband had the new Hangover eggs/fresh juice option – he tried the orange-mango-chilli option.
Enormous strawberries
Our only other joint excursion for the day involved visiting a market and popping our eyes out at the size of these strawberries. We didn’t buy any. I called it non-braai day but Husband did still rustle up the most delicious ginger-chili ribs for us that night.

Sadly that’s all, folks – here’s hoping the next weekend is a little healthier and happier all round ๐Ÿ™‚ At least Bertie had an exciting time, so we lived up to the Mugg&Bean ‘fortune’…

One thought on “Wading through rockpools, new water features and non-braai day 2015”

  1. Hope youre much better sweetie, we’re slap bang in the middle of our coughs, phlegm and disgusting bodily fluids trying to escape from every orifice known to man, sigh…. c’mon summer we need you so badly!

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