The Silvermine Elephant’s Eye hike, Toad in the Road pizza & seeing in 2016 in JHB

Before you go off and start your 2016 with a bang, scroll through our highlights of the past week, which includes our new ‘Boxing Day hike’ tradition (click here for a reminder of last year’s hike to the Woodstock Cave).

And even though I was working this week, there’s been a fair deal of excitement because if you’re perceptive, you’ll have noticed from the blog’s title that this week’s edition is coming to you live from our former hometown. It’s true, we’re in Joburg to spend some time with the in-laws and old friends – what a treat it’s been to see them again after many months by the sea with our little family. Bless…

Saturday, 26 December 2015: Boxing Day hike to Elephant’s Eye Cave in Silvermine, Toad in the Road’s pizza

Dog with chew toy
Look at that ‘Who, me?’ face. Bertie so loves his chewy rope toy his Granny & Grampa gave him for Christmas that he carries it around the house with him, from bed to lounge to outside and back.
Silvermine National Park
After a quick brekkie we set of for Silvermine National Park. It’s R45 per person to enter, but really beautiful with a few hiking paths to choose from as well as a large dam to picnic around. This is some of the scenery in the park.
Elephant's Eye
We found the beginning of the designated path and set off…
View of Muizenberg from lookout in Silvermine.
We stopped to observe the view from the Fireman’s Lookout, a few steps away from the cave. You can see all the way to Muizenberg from there.
Jumping in Elephant's Eye cave
The standard ‘jump up and touch the ceiling’ shot once we’d reached the Elephant’s Eye cave. That’s me, of course.
Greenery in Elephant's Eye cave
Scary selfie. Lots of greenery in the cave as water seeps through.
Silvermine Dam
After the hour-and-a-half or so hike we took a quick detour to see the much-talked about Silvermine Dam. It’s pretty and lots of picnickers were about.
Toad in the Road
Hike complete, we stopped at the Toad in the Road for a quick treat.
Beer moustache
Husband celebrated with a foamy moustache.
Josephine pizza at Toad in the Road
Our pizza, the Josephine, was worth the wait and R90 price tag. Thin, crispy base and topped with feta, bacon, avo and pepperdews.

Sunday, 27 December 2016: Black Bull brekkie and festive massages

Breakfast at the Black Bull
We noticed a few cars at the new local Black Bull steakhouse so stopped in to to try their breakfast. Here is Husband with his R24 special…
Syrupy French toast
I went for the ‘French toast’ kiddies’ option, drenched in syrup.
Thai massage
Pic is a little blurry as my muscles were so relaxed, teehee. Husband had booked us in for couple’s massage at the local Thai massage salon. We each had a full 45-minute back, neck and shoulders massage which actually covered everything from ear tips to toes and tiny people standing on our backs!

Monday, 28 January 2015: Crashing sea

Blouberg beach
Once I was done with work for the day we set out to see the sea. The wind was super strong and the tide was strong, so we just looked without getting in.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015: Tall agapanthus

Tall agapanthus
Have you ever seen an agapanthus as tall as a man? I have. These are in the parking lot of Sandown Retail Crossing.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015: Flying to Cape Town

Mango plane at Cape Town airport
Coupled with a 4.30am wake-time so I could get a few hours of work in before our 9.30am flight, we were full of excitement. Here we are sitting on the tarmac in Cape Town, about to head off…
Mango plane at Lanseria
An hour-and-forty minutes later we landed at Lanseria! A super-smooth flight despite turbulence warning as it was set to be 40’C in CT that day.
Light December lunch in South Africa
Once collected, the parents took us home where we unpacked. After a quick light bite to eat with Husband at the table outside I was back to work mode for a few hours.
Chinchilla in Johanesburg
When I was done for the day we went on a quick nostalgic trip past our old houses and to see some of our favourite sights. Look how sweet this fluffy chinchilla is, he was grinning back at me before Husband took this shot.
Dipping feet in pool
We headed back to the parents for a quick dip in the pool before setting off for Husband’s best friend’s house for a quick pizza dins.
Sitting on edge of pool
You can’t see the pool but we’re sitting on its edge here. Is so lovely.
Swimming in pool
Husband ‘having a time’ in the pool.
Friends at outside table
So good to see some of our favourite people!
Eating Italian Kisses
Proof that Husband ate a caramel Italian Kiss!

Thursday, 31 December 2015: My last work day and New Year’s Eve street braai 

Apple pie and Mega coffee at Wimpy
It was so hot on Thursday that I went swanning about in my cossie. This was a slice of apple pie with cream and a mega coffee at the local Wimpy.
Noodling around pool
Work done for the day I noodled around in the pool. Was pure bliss.
Suburban reindeer
That evening we were invited to a street braai in the complex where my brother-in-law lives – the very same unit we lived in when we first moved in together yonks ago. Note the neighbour’s white reindeer.
Meeting a ginger cat
Look who is often in our old unit 81 Fairbridge! This gorgeous little ginger boy is called Aladdin. He often visits my brother-in-law, who now lives in the housie.
Brothers and beer
The brothers, united!
New Years Wors
The first Weber-load of wors. About 17 of us had wors rolls, potato salad and more for our New Year’s Eve dins.
New Year's Eve braai
The Andrews four at the New Year’s Eve braai
New Year's Eve champers
Back at home just before midnight, we toasted 2016 with sparkling wine and watched some fireworks. Husband was in charge of popping the cork.

Friday, 1 January 2016: Happy New Year!

Iced coffee
T’was a humid day when we rose, so Husband made me a floral iced coffee to start the day. Delicious.
Tall Christmas trees
Husband examining just how much the ‘little trees we had for Christmas and then planted at the gate’ have grown.

That’s all, folks! We’re here for a few more days of catching up, then back to CT to our little ones and a final week of leave. Hope your batteries are recharged and that you’re ready to tackle 2016!

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