#Poolfail2015, cloudy Signal Hill and raspberry fingertip tops

Tired. Worn out. In need of a break. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who works full-time and doesn’t feel that way at this time of year. Not to say we haven’t enjoyed ourselves. It’s been a good year, but a really long one. We’re so looking forward to our ‘staycation’, coming up after just a few more days of work.

It’s that thought, and the following highlights and ‘exciting moments’, that are keeping us going…

Friday, 4 December 2015: Pool fill

Inflatable pool
Friday last week was hot – so hot that Husband decided we were ready to set up the pool for the first time since moving in a year ago. Right now, with water restrictions looming. Ah well. You can just see Bertie leaping out of the pool in the top right, and Bassie watching worriedly in bottom left.
Dog in inflatable pool
Bertie took cautious high-raised steps all around then started galloping excitedly in the water.
Dacschund in the pool
My little one in the not-very-full pool. Love that tiny face!

Saturday, 5 December 2015: Adirondack collection, lazy Driftwood lunch

Husband's desk
First thing Saturday morning we went in to Husband’s work to set up a print that had to be sorted out that weekend. I love his little desk fan.
KFC breakfast
Next stop: Breakfast! We quite enjoy KFC’s ‘AM riser’ – it’s like a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, but nicer. We opt for the version with a hashbrown patty. That’s my cappuccino and Husband’s breakfast Cola, obvs.
collecting Adirondack chair
Next, we collected a slightly damaged Adirondack going to a good home – that’s Husband’s holiday DIY project, so watch this space!
Dog sniffing chair
Bertie had a good sniff once we got it home, as it had all sorts of ‘other doggie odours’.
Mist spray at Driftwood Cafe
Later we went to the Driftwood Cafe for lunch. Here is Husband with his ginger ale, enjoying the mist spray.
Starter nachos at Driftwood Cafe
For me, the starter nachos. So filling I took half home with me for dins.
Custard milkshake at Driftwood Cafe
Later, Husband had a custard milkshake like me. Wonderful thirst-quencher.
Swim in inflatable pool
First swim in home pool! Despite caps and sunblock we got a little burnt. Ouch.
Pool collapsed
But disaster struck! When we got home from doing other weekend things, we found the pool had upended itself – tiny tears in the upper air rim and not 100% flat surface were to blame. Love how the doggies seem to be discussing the situation here.

Sunday,ย 6 December 2015: Cloudy Signal Hill, PBJ French Toast

Signal Hill clouds
We were heading towards Gardens Centre for breakfast on Sunday when Husband noticed very interesting cloud formations near Signal Hill, so we took a little detour…
Thick mist on Signal Hill
Before we knew it we were in a thick mist.
Trees on Signal Hill
But soon popped out into sunshine again – that’s Cape Town weather for you!
Table Mountain and Lion's Head
Just look at it. Lion’s Head is actually my favourite.
On Signal Hill
Taking in the view involves quite a bit of walking around, so we worked up quite an appetite.
Ginger beer at Pulp Kitchen
Curiosity sated, we returned to our original mission of breakfast. Here is Husband with a ginger beer at Pulp Kitchen
Flat white at Pulp Kitchen
This flat white was delicious.
PBJ croissant French toast
Oh. Em. Gee. You guys. If you like French toast, croissants and peanut butter, and you’ve not yet had the PBJ croissant French toast at Pulp Kitchen in Gardens Centre, you. are. missing. out. And at R43 it won’t exactly break the bank…
Breakfast at Pulp Kitchen, Gardens
Husband opted for the traditional brekkie, with a side of chilli mince (not pictured).
Raspberries on finger tips
Later that afternoon mum surprised us with raspberries – I’ve always wanted to stick one on the tip of each finger like she did, teehee.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015: Almond croissant

I forgot my healthy oat breakfast at home on Tuesday so just had to satisfy my hunger with this almond croissant from the coffee shop downstairs. Well worth it for R12!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015: Best shortcake cookie

Homemade shortcake cookies
On Wednesday, my lovely colleague Angie (you can just see her peering at her screen) brought in a batch of homemade shortcake cookies. They were so more-ish I asked for the recipe!

Thursday, 10 December 2015: Barclays Rise Innovation hub launch at Woodstock Exchange

Boston Terrier sculpture at the Woodstock Exchange
As my final business event for the year was held on Thursday evening at the Woodstock Exchange, I simply skedaddled across from the office. I had not been to the Exchange before so had to photograph this enormous silver-and-black sleepy Boston Terrier sculpture.
Ice Cream Ninjas ice cream with Table Mountain in background
A special blend of ice cream concocted by the Ice Cream Ninjas, just for me, at the event. It included coffee, peanut butter, fudge and a brownie. Just perfect.

Friday, 11 December 2015: Desk-side daquiris

Strawberry mint daquiri
As much of the working world was going on leave from today, we had celebratory cocktails blended right in the office to sip at our desks. This was my yummy strawberry-mint daquiri

That’s all, folks! ๐Ÿ™‚ Depending on the weather, this weekend will likely be another relaxed one.

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