Burgers and shakes at Rockstar Diner

September SEO studies, walks along the Cape coastline and lots of lattes

I’m now into the third week of my 10-week part-time course and my brain is positively overflowing with information that you may well see filtering across into this very blog’s design soon. Exciting! πŸ™‚

Other highlights from the past week include the first true glimpse of Spring 2015 for Cape Town – always a few weeks behind those of y’all upcountry, alas. See below…

Friday, 11 September 2015: Chilly dogs in blankets

Bertie Andrews feeling the chill.
Bertie Andrews feeling the chill.
Bassie Andrews in a blanket.
Bassie Andrews also felt the need to be blanketed.

Saturday, 12 September 2015: Breakfast at Woodbridge Island, post-assignment burgers at Rockstar Diner

Breakfast at Ilha, Woodbridge.
Some pre-brekkie grins at Ilha, Woodbridge Island on Saturday.
English breakfast at Ilha
Husband about to tuck in to his full English.
French toast breakfast at Ilha
You know I love French Toast! This is a stack with bacon and grilled banana, and a cafe latte on the side.
Long Island Ice Tea at Rockstar Diner, Cape Town
Much, much later that day, after Husband had done lots of cleaning and clearing (we visited the local dump twice and that final box that had sat in the garage since we first moved to Cape Town is gone).. plus after I finished my last assignment for the week, we treated ourselves to fancy drinks and burgers at the Rockstar Diner. This is Husband’s Long Island Ice Tea…
Burgers at Rockstar Diner, Cape Town
There we are with our burgers and big grins adorning our faces. You can just see my ‘strawberries and cream’ milkshake, as well as my cheese burger topped with a crumbed onion ring and Husband’s ‘magic mushroom’ burger.

Sunday, 13 September 2015: Breakfast and long walks along the West Coast

Cappuccino at Captain's Kitchen, Eden on the Bay.
First thing on Sunday, we headed to Eden on the Bay and dithered over where to eat. We started out at Captain’s Kitchen, where I had a strong cappuccino.
Coke at Captain's Kitchen, Table Mountain in the background
Husband had a Cola, of course. We then decided to walk “a little up the road” to see what else was on offer.
Blouberg rocks and a red ship
Walk and walk we did! All the way past the Blue Peter, Ons Huisie and the incoming sea. There’s a ship in the top left of the shot.
Walking on rocks by Table Mountain
See? As close as close can be to the sea. Actually I lie. We were walking in the sea later, and I very nearly got swept away when I stepped into a hole in the sand – luckily Husband was right there to rescue me and I only got soaked up to my knees.
Breakfast at Petit Fours, Blouberg
We ended up having breakfast at Petit Fours. Husband had this lovely poached egg concoction.
Tabasco sauce for breakfast
My favourite Boy and his favourite sauce.
Chai latte and mini cheese cake at Petit Fours
For me? This rather delightful mini cheesecake filled with salted caramel and sliced almonds, washed down with a Chai latte.
Sushi on Marine Circle, Blouberg
Later that afternoon we were back in the area and stopped off for a spot of sushi at Best of Asia on Marine Circle

Wednesday, 16 September: Dins at Fat Cactus, Woodstock

Fat Cactus, Woodstock post-work drinks
To celebrate my first assignment results, Husband met me down the road from work on Wednesday at the Fat Cactus
Espresso milkshake at Fat Cactus
For me? A super large espresso milkshake. There was enough in there to fill two glasses.
Pulled pork tacos at Fat Cactus, Woodstock
For Husband, the pulled pork, crispy tacos. He loves them
Rib basket at Fact Cactus, Woodstock
For me? The ‘starter’ rib basket. Husband helped me finish and we brought the rib bones home for the doggies.
Dog sitting on couch with teddybear
Later that night we gave Bertie the teddybear we’d rescued from the side of the road a while ago and cleaned first. He loves it.

Friday, 18 September 2015: SEO studies and delicious tea breaks

Poptarts and cappuccino and SEO study notes
I took the day off from work, so my Friday started like this – chocolate Poptarts and cappuccino breakfast while cluing myself up on the design aspects of SEO.
Chai latte and custart croissant at Carluccis, Blouberg
I had this for a brunch break later with the parents – custard-filled croissant and a large Chai latte. Yum!

That’s all, folks! The weekend ahead is set to be sunny yet windy, so who knows what my next blog update will have in store for you?

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