Blissful long weekend in Citrusdal

In a word? Our weekend in Citrusdal was just magical. We were surrounded by nature, had the huge hot pool to ourselves the day we arrived, and a private jacuzzi right on our verandah’s doorstep. For a pair of Aquarian water babies, that’s the ultimate in relaxation. Here’s our (long) weekend away, in pics…

Friday, 19 November 2015:  Goats, tortoises and hot pools

Cardboard cut-out of Leigh on Tigress.
Lol! Work made a cardboard cut-out of me to take along on their end-of-year boat trip. I look happy but cold here. In real life, we were just packing and getting ready for our road trip at the time.
Roadtrip faces!
Goats at road stall
We stopped off when we saw a padstal, but more interesting were the little goats.
Little goat kid
Isn’t he just the sweetest little thing? Odd horizontal pupils.
Tortoise in Citrusdal
Almost at our destination, Husband noticed a tortoise trying to cross the road. We stopped the car and picked him up to help him across and prevent an incident. He hid in his shell and peed on Husband’s hand.
The Baths, Citrusdal
Our destination! The Baths is about 170km from our housie so didn’t take long at all to get there.
Cappuccino at McGregor's in Citrusdal
We were a little early for check-in so stopped for a quick snack in the restaurant on site, McGregor’s (R20 toasted cheese with a mound of chips? Yes please!) before exploring the grounds.
The Baths hot pool
Husband was almost too tall to walk through the entry way.
Hot pool at The Baths
We spent most of the afternoon in the enormous outdoor hot pool, filled with the same water. There’s also a cold pool on site but only Husband was brave enough to briefly test it out.
Verandah at Wild Olive
Much later we enjoyed our verandah and the spectacular view. So much greenery. We were in the Wild Olive chalet. I was munching on crunchies Mum made us as padkos.
Pretty colours from verandah in The Baths
All the pretty colours, taken from our verandah.
Victorian baths at The Baths.
One of the private ‘Victorian baths’ on the premises. You simply lock the doors and run the natural 43’C water, then press the button for bubbles and it’s time to relax! We only tried this one out the next morning during a sudden rain shower though.

Saturday, 21 November 2015: Rainy morning, Scrabble evening

Cold grey sky
The next morning dawned cold and dreary.
Chalet verandah
That’s me on our chalet verandah.
Breakfast in McGregor's
After a quick soak in the Victorian covered tub we dashed through the rain to the restaurant, where Husband finished off this breakfast.
Muesli and tea
I opted for a pot of tea and bowl of muesli, yoghurt and berries.
Horses in Citrusdal
We then headed into town to buy some meat for a braai later that evening. The rain stopped on our way back and we noticed these well-groomed horsies on the way.
Rock pools in Citrusdal
After a nap in the chalet we went to explore the natural rock pools on site. They’re tiny! Here is Husband looking into one. We then had another swim in the hot pool.
Scrabble on the verandah
We’d thought to bring along our Scrabble board so got set up and played a long game all evening, with breaks to sit in the Jacuzzi and glance at the view.
Heating toes on braai
Heating our toes at the braai fire.

Sunday, 22 November 2015: Breakfast, hike and home

Sunday breakfast
Sunday dawned bright and sunny. Husband quickly cooked up some bacon, eggs and toast and I had a Woolies’ instant honey nut latte sachet – great idea if you’re a coffee addict going away for the weekend, as all you add is hot water πŸ™‚
Husband in Jacuzzi
We had a final soak in our private Jacuzzi before checkout.
Leigh's Husband exploring an aquaduct
We stopped off to explore a different hiking trail on our way out of the grounds. Husband was interested in this aquaduct.
Leigh on a bridge.
So lovely to be so deep in nature, surrounded by bird tweets and dappled sunlight.

Thanks for the wonderful break, Citrusdal – we’ll be back!

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