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My 32nd birthday brunches, fancy dins, sriracha splashes & design delights

Yes, I’m 32 now. Yes, I had a wonderful day and yes, I feel old and even though I had the day off work, it’s been a very long week. Maybe some of the pics below will help explain why…

Saturday, 13 February 2016: Frittatas, waffles and pulled pork burgers

Flat white at La Rocca
Saturday dawned bright and early, and we had plans to breakfast with mum and dad. And breakfast we did, at La Rocca in Canal Walk. This was dad’s super-strong flat white. I had the regular-strength version.
Frittata at La Rocca
Mum was thrilled with her frittata – t’was so large Husband had to help her finish.
Waffles at La Rocca
Dad and I chose waffles. That’s his Bananarama on the left, and my Rocky Road on the right. Both finished every mouthful!
Draught at Pitmasters, Woodbridge Island
Later that afternoon we headed out to Pitmasters on Woodbridge Island. Husband had a draught, as he does…
Pulled pork burger at Pitmasters Woodbrdge Island
We shared a pulled pork burger and fries drenched in sriracha sauce. This is all that was left by the time I remembered to snap a shot.
Cloud on Table Mountain
T’was a misty, cloudy day. This is the view from Woodbridge Island that afternoon, with Table Mountain hidden by cloud.

Sunday, 14 February 2016: Non-Valentine’s Valentine’s Day

Breakfast at Cafeen
We don’t do Valentine’s Day like the rest of the world as it’s my birthday the very next day – but that doesn’t mean we miss out on all the lovey-dovey things. As we were heading to Newlands to fill up water bottles at the natural spring there, we breakfasted at nearby Cafeen. Husband had this lovely breakfast.
French toast at Cafeen
This is what my French toast looked like once I’d smeared on lemon curd, grilled banana, bacon, syrup and cinnamon-sugar. Very yum.
Creme brulee latte at Cafeen
It’s not often that Husband goes for a coffee, so I snapped him sipping on his creme brulee latte as proof that it happened.
Cat at Cafeen
The Cafeen cats were a big attraction to all the kiddies seated with their families – we couldn’t resist either, as they were very sweet and wound their tails around our chair legs.
Valentine's table
The non-Valentine’s-y table Mum set for lupper that afternoon.
Hearts on tiramisu
And the very Valentine’s-y tiramisu she created. It was amazing.

Monday, 15 February 2016: My 32nd birthday

Birthday morning coffee
I’d taken the day off work but Husband did not – at least he made me a cuppa coffee to get the day off to a good start before he left, in this pretty new mug. The doggies were interested.
Ants in cup
Mum had the spicy orange rooibos, which came with the ‘ant crawler’ tea cup set I so enjoy.
French toast at Company's Garden
Dad and I both opted for the banana-bread French toast, with bacon, strawberries and syrup. Delicious.
Table Mountain
Once Husband got home that eve we set off for my birthday dins at Catch 22. You can just see Table Mountain showing off through the plastic window beside him.
Gingerbread latte at Catch22
As I so enjoyed their gingerbread milkshake last time we visited, I knew I would love the gingerbread latte. It was possibly the best coffee drink ever.
Solo platter at Catch 22
We had the jalapeno poppers starter to share, then I went for the burger topped with bacon and cheese, while Husband conquered this solo platter with a baked potato on the side.
Birthday hat
We headed home after a quick beach walk and just remembered to take the standard ‘birthday-hatted kiss on cheek’ photo – forgot about Husband’s one this year, oops πŸ™‚

Workweek highlights

Cupcakes from Charly's Bakery
On Tuesday, one of my favourite PR agencies arranged a ‘Charly’s Bakery drop-off’ – personalised cupcakes! SO pretty, and they tasted amazing.
Chinese guava
Have you ever seen a Chinese guava? My colleague brought these in to work as they grow on her tree. Look at how little it is. Tastes just like the regular, pinker version I’m used to.
Design Indaba 2016
And then, Thursday was my day to attend Design Indaba. There was so much to take in, as always. Click here if you missed my coverage.
Artscape Design Indaba
The Artscape theatre was decked out with all sorts of design goodies.
Design Indaba tag
This year’s delegate tag and bag.
Wood seat at Design Indaba
Simple. Complex. Beautiful.
Woolworths sorbet
Afternoon tea at Design Indaba is usually a surprise/pop-up experience of sorts. This year I dressed my sample of Woolworth’s sriracha sorbet (orange) with sriracha drizzle and lime sherbet, while the pink rose sorbet got rose jelly cubes and coconut marshmallow blobs.
Ratanga Junction footprints
On Friday I attended an event at the new Century City Conference Centre, which is right by Ratanga Junction. Hadn’t noticed these cute ‘follow me footprints’ the last time we visited.

And that’s all, folks! We’ve finally had a spot of rain in Cape Town and I have the most dreadful head cold at the moment, so expect the next update to be focused on relaxing and doing things indoors…

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Rescuing tiny octopi, delicious brownies and advent calendars 2015

Wow, another week come and gone! We’re so close to the end of the year now, yet it feels so far off still. At least summer has finally arrived in Cape Town, with the doggies unsure whether it’s best to sit under the fan or run through the sprinkler outside in an attempt to stay cool. Here are a few of my most recent highlights…

Saturday, 28 November 2015: Primi breakfast, Pitmasters’ lunch

Large latte at Primi on Blouberg beach
Last Saturday started off with an extra large latte for me. Just look at the size of it!
Breakfast at Primi
Husband had a Cola and this very filling breakfast bowl.
Blouberg beach
The weather was so gorgeous, we trotted across the road to dip our toes in the sea.
Husband in wetsuit
So gorgeous, in fact, that we headed home for some beach things and then returned to set up camp for a while. Here is Husband in his wet suit, about to pick mussels off the rocks. I stayed in safety under our umbrella and read with toes in the sand.
Tiny octopus
But it’s not just mussels that Husband hauled… he also got hold of a tiny octopus, hidden in an open mussel shell! He took it back to the deep blue after I’d met it.
Pitmasters on Woodbridge Island
By then we’d worked up an appetite so set off to try Pitmasters on Woodbridge Island. This is our ‘waiting patiently for our food’ selfie
Striped Horse beer at Pitmasters.
Husband tried a ‘Striped Horse’ beer. Yes, that’s actually a zebra. Teehee.
Pulled pork burger at Pitmasters
And then the food came! This was Husband’s pulled pork burger, topped with coleslaw and sriracha sauce
Salted caramel brownie at Pitmasters
For me, a Fanta and this delicious salted caramel brownie. Moist and warm and gooey, it was just perfect.

Sunday, 29 November 2015: Brekkie at home and pretty sunset

Double yolk eggs
Husband had bought extra large eggs in our weekly shop and was delighted to find they held double yolks!
Caramel iced coffee from Reload
As it was another scorcher I opted for a caramel iced coffee instead of the regular steamy version from Reload. It was amazing.
Tame chicken at Driftwood
Much later that afternoon we stopped in at the Driftwood. Here is one of the resident chickens, pottering around the tables.
Milo shake at Driftwood
I went for a Milo shake this time.
Black Label draught at Driftwood Cafe
Husband had a Black Label draught in a Castle draught glass, as you do.
Pink sky at sunset
Sunset from the parents’ house much, much later that eve

Tuesday, 1 December: Hot doggies and advent calendars

Hot dog lying on cool tiles
The doggies were very hot this week. Here is Bertie lying on the cool tiled floor after a quick dash through the sprinklers outside.
Leigh's dog under ceiling fan
Little Miss Bassie preferred to sit on the arm of the couch, directly under the ceiling fan. Such little characters, they are.
Opening advent calendar
And as it was the first of December, I could open the first window of my advent calendar. Yes, I am 31-years-old… spot the hopeful doggie just behind me.

That’s all, folks – this weekend’s set to be another scorcher – keep cool! πŸ™‚