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This week’s #Fridayflash inspiration mainly came from a tweet by Fairlady magazine @Fairladymag: “The FLY team is feeling nostalgic: from sticky ice lollies to bike rides through the neighbourhood. Tell us your fond childhood memories?” It’s not about childhood but it definitely is about memories:


She sniffed the pressed petals of the long forgotten pale pink flower – surprised to find there was still a faint whiff of the scent that had once intoxicated her so. She hefted the box from which she’d pulled the flattened petals onto her lap and say cross-legged with an ‘Oof’. Lately she made a noise every time she sat down. Most annoying. Must stop that. Sigh.

Tinker meandered into the room, blinking at the dusty patch of sunlight. “Mmrrow?’ he questioned, weaving his tail gently over to the right, coming to sit beside her. “Hello boy,” she rubbed him distractedly under the chin, her eyes glazed over, while Tinker butted her hand with his head and increased the pitch of his purring. “Alright, it’s still very early for your dins,” she replied to him. “Be patient, I just need to sort through this box first.”

She pulled out a wad of photographs, newspaper cut-outs and handmade cards. And so the memories started flooding back. With a smile on her face she remembered the holidays they had taken together: the excitement of going on a road trip often so strong that they’d both be dressed, packed and caffeinated by 4am. Stopping for a toasted cheese and creamy chocolate milkshake at the popular midway point. Wondering around with Tinker on his lead, enjoying his surprise at seeing an ostrich and goat for the first time. Winding down the window and catching that first whiff of sea air. Feeling the wet, clumpy sand ooze between her toes. Watching the sunrise from their balcony with a steaming cup of coffee. That was a wonderful holiday.

Tinker stealthily stretched out his paw and made contact with her knee. Batting it away before he could sink in with his claws, she picked him up and gave him a hug. Annoyed, he slowly strutted away to plot his revenge. Sifting through the rest of the memories took her back to points of her life she had long forgotten. Oh, the yearning for her youth! She remembered exactly what it felt like to be there, experiencing so much of life for the first time. She realised she couldn’t throw them away just yet. Maybe another day. Maybe.

Quincy the quarter-moon cat

I find the secret life of animals fascinating. Spurred on by Craig Smith, I’ve written another short story – a really short one this time … enjoy the tale of Quincy, the quarter-moon cat:


Quincy the quarter-moon cat sat and watched the butterflies flutter by. He stretched his back legs in turn and waggled his whiskers, picking up the scent of sunshine in the breeze.

This week’s house was one of his favourites – the little one kept jumping in fear when he entered the room, while the older one would dab at her nose with a tissue and offer him a bowl of milk or an entire tin of tuna at a time (an entire tin! At a time! He couldn’t get over this.) It was no wonder Quincy was starting to get a little, well, plump. He purred contentedly and licked at his already meticulous nails.

Quincy never outstayed his welcome (a quarter-moon was his limit per household) … but maybe this time, he’d stay.

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