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Weird wall gizmos and job title celebrations

The past weekend was a goodie as I finally started feeling better from bronchitis – antibiotics are a necessary evil – and we didn’t have much on the cards, so could spend some time relaxing and rejuvenating. Here’s what we got up to…

Friday, 2 October 2015: Dogs in various positions on couches

Leigh's dogs Bassie and Bertie on the couch with Bertie's toy
First the doggies decided to take up the whole couch – Bertie placed Bear perfectly so there just wasn’t enough space for his parents to join in.
Bertie resting against Leigh on the couch as she studies
Then Bassie moved to sit with her dad and Bertie decided to help me with my studies… note lots of medicine on top of ‘shades of grey’ cabinet.
Leigh's dogs sleeping on the couch
Eventually all three relocated to the other couch. Note Bertie has Bear under his chin and has placed himself over Bassie.

Saturday, 3 October 2015: Brekkie overlooking rainy Rondebosch Common

Cappuccino at Common Ground, Rondebosch
Saturday dawned cold and drizzly… with the realisation that I’d left most of my notes for that week’s assignments in the office. So we headed out for breakfast in the general vicinity of work, ending up at Common Ground for breakfast.
Bacon and banana French toast at Common Ground, Rondebosch
‘Common ground’ is a clever name because apart from the obvious, it’s also a coffee shop (ground) opposite the Rondebosch Common. Our table was fairly situated in the middle but we could still watch the rain pouring down. I opted for the bacon and banana French toast.
Leigh's husband eating eggs benedict at Common Ground, Rondebosch
Here’s Husband in mid-chew of his eggs benedict – yes, I have considered renaming the blog “French toast and eggs ben”!
Leigh with takeaway box at Common Ground, Rondebsch
So much was the French toast that I took half home with me to finish off that afternoon. Note we both proudly wore South Africa supporter shirts to support the Springboks in that evening’s RWC match.
Delos antiques wall art
Next stop – work to collect my assignment notes. While waiting for the guard to arrive and let me in, we explored the ‘Delos’ building next door. It’s filled with antiques like chandeliers, fancy tables and somewhat scary wall decorations, like this guy.
Metal wall owls at the nursery
Notes in hand, we stopped off at the nursery, where I fell in love with a selection of metal outdoor wall owlies. Still deciding which is my favourite.
Watching rugby on the couch
Gardening and assignments complete, we settled in to watch the rugby – Bertie was very interested and kept checking with his dad for approval, Bassie ignored the festivities.

Sunday, 4 October 2015: New job title celebrations

Leigh hugging her dogs on couch
Still not feeling 100%, I enjoyed some early morning cuddles with the doggies before we ventured out for breakfast, as we do.
Liegh's husband buttering toast at Greens
We ended up at Greens. Husband had his favourite deluxe breakfast – here he is buttering his toast
French toast with pineapple and coconut at Greens
I had a chai latte and tried the coconut-pineapple French toast. Delicious.
Milk tart with cinnamon decoration
Mum had bought the most beautifully patterned milk tart to celebrate my new job title (am officially editor-in-chief: marketing & media)…
Laborie MCC
And we had dry pink MCC to top off the celebrations.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015: Business of Design conferencing at ICIC

Coffee and muffin at Inner City Ideas Cartel
It was a busy week for me as I covered two conferences. The first was the Spring 2015 edition of Business of Design, held at the Inner City Ideas Cartel. This was my rushed tea-time treat between taking notes and networking.
Egg chairs on Inner City Ideas Cartel rooftop
Lunch that afternoon was served on the rooftop. I love these egg chairs!

Thursday, 8 October 2015: Mobile 360 Africa conferencing at African Pride Crystal Towers

Fishing sculpture in African Pride Crystal Towers hotel
My second conference of the week was the GSMA Mobile 360 Africa, held at the African Pride Crystal Towers hotel in Century City. This sculpture is fascinating.
Mini mille feulle with coffee
The conference content may have been technical and detailed, but the snacks were delicious. This was a mini mille feulle with my coffee
Orange flowers in Century City
Later that afternoon I had to take a shot of these gorgeous citrus blooms on my walk to the Myciti station. Yes, those are colourful cats on my sock.

That’s all, folks! Until next time…


Bad bronchitis, belated braai day braais and messy kokedamas

“What’s a kokedama?” I hear you asking (unless you work with me, of course). All will be revealed, dear reader. Scroll on down through the past week’s highlights and ignore the coughing noise in the background – that’s me on my third day of antibiotics for this bad case of bronchitis…

Saturday, 26 September 2015: Oats for breakfast

Oats with banana and flaked almonds at Greens, Plattekloof Village
Waking up on Saturday with my cough in full force and muscles aching from the strain, I wanted something creamy and comforting – oats was it. But not just any oats. The bowl from Greens in Plattekloof Village is enormous, packed with cinnamon, flaked almonds and banana. Did the trick.
Fry up for breakfast at Greens, Plattekloof Village
And for Husband? Beneath all the pepper you’ll find the best mushrooms he’s had thus far as well as baked beans, fried eggs on toast, bacon, sausage and chips. Breakfast success. The rest of the day was taken up with some heavy-duty gardening for Husband and assignment completion for me…

Sunday, 27 September 2015: Belated braai day braai

Foodlover's fruit cup
For breakfast on Sunday I had health on my mind so went for the fruit cup at our local Foodlover’s – chopped fruit and grains topped with yoghurt and honey, with a side of tea.
Braai Day lunch
Funny shot but the best we got, I’m afraid. Husband braaied his ginger chilli pork ribs, Mum made her famous potato salad, dad provided delicious cheese griller tasters to start…
Leigh's dog Bertie leaning against his Granny's leg
What a happy boy! We finally had our belated Braai Day braai that afternoon – Bertie was in his elephant over all the attention from his Granny. He loves her lots.
The orange cashew cake from Marian Keyes' Saved By Cake cookbook.
And me? Oh, I just rustled up an orange-cashew ring cake, my favourite from the Marian Keyes ‘Saved By Cake’ cookbook, to celebrate the parents’ 37th anniversary. Alas the cake broke on exiting the bund pan, but still tasted delicious.
Leigh's dogs Bassie and Bertie sitting on the couch
Sad sulky dogs once their grandparents had left.

Friday, 2 October 2015: Kokedama moss balls and pretty sunsets

A small plant is a good choice to kokedama
The plant I chose to ‘kokedama’ at work – “Go with something small,” I cleverly thought.
Making kokedemas
Hard, messy work but we loved it.
Making a kokedama, wrapped in moss.
The end product, maybe two hours after starting. First you mould the soil into a (big enough) round shape, then you add more wet soil to bulk it up, keeping it tightly packed as you go. Next you add bits of moss around the outside, which you thread all around the ball so that it’s secure and holds together. Then you add hanging string to the top and voila, you’re ready to hang your handmade hanging plant ball.
Finished kokedemas
Like so – see how pretty they are?
View on the walk to Woodstock MyCiti, with Lion's Head and Signal Hill.
The view on my way from the office to the bus this eve – beautiful sky, little flock of birds to the left, Lion’s Head and Signal Hill directly ahead of the Woodstock stop.
Leigh's dog Bertie
Bertie greeting his dad after work.
Leigh's dog Bassie.
Bassie not too impressed that The Other Dog got to Daddy first.

That’s all, folks. No promises for this weekend’s coverage, but it’ll definitely involve some rugby supporting, breakfasting and assignment-ing πŸ™‚ Thank goodness it’s ‘Oktobermaand’, just a little longer to go till year-end…