Wine and rugby to soothe the wet weather woes

Suddenly we’re into September (it’s not Spring just yet in CT, I’m afraid, so we will just call it ‘September’ for now… not Spring. Not with gale force winds, days of rain and the mercury refusing to climb above 18’C.)

But it’s not worth fretting over, as this usually means Summer will simply last endlessly when it DOES show up one day – and it will, with a force, if last December was anything to go by.

And as time stops for no girl, I have so many things I need to catch up on and blog about. For example, August was a month of celebrations with it being my dad’s birthday, my mom’s birthday, my half birthday and our sixth wedding anniversary all in the space of a few days – along with other fun things! But I digress, ‘August celebrations’ are so plentiful that I feel they’re the topic for another blog post – coming soon, so watch this space.

In the mean time, here are a handful of (bad quality, sorry folks) pics of how we spent last Saturday – we couldn’t miss the rugby match everyone’s been talking about… whether you were for or against the red card rescinded decision. As kick off was at 9.30am, we started the day with breakfast at my parents:

Breakfast boys
Breakfast boys

The boys had ‘full English’, the girls had raisin French toast with berries 🙂

2013-09-14 09.11.24
Breakfast girls – I know it LOOKS like it’s all sunny and Spring-y outside, but trust me – it’s not

And what better way to round off the day than with a spot of wine tasting? Some insist you’re just not a true Capetonian until you’ve nonchalantly gone wine tasting.

Here we are aiming for nonchalance while at D’Aria in the Durbanville area – ever so pretty and just a few minutes down the road:

Dad swirling one of the white wines – you can taste 8 wines for the whopping sum of R10! Little wonder wine tasting is so popular
Getting the full flavour of the only rose-type on offer for tasting – our overall favourite of the day

To show you how cold it is – note the warm wooly cap I am wearing for tea and cake right by the sea:

Wooly cap worn for Sunday tea and cake by the seaside

But the cold, wet winter will end soon – until then, we have gorgeous sunsets like this one to keep us happy:

Lovely green hills in Durbanville

That’s all for now folks – I will update again soonest 🙂


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