Should have thought of that

Today’s #Fridayflash – inspired by my reading glasses:


“Nya nya nya nya nya, you can’t catch me!” George’s shrill voice sang the sing-song tune while he waggled his hands over his ears. “Last one in the pool’s a rotten egg!” Oh, I hated the phrase. I had been the rotten egg one too many times. And of course he would get in first, he was already dressed in swim trunks. I had just gotten home from school so I still had to unlace my shoes, pull off my socks, wriggle out of my pants, fold my shirt and tie … ah stuff it, I’d show him! I took a flying leap and landed in the water, fully clothed. Completely soaked. “Who’s the rotten egg now, dummy?” I shrieked. George was now perched on the diving board, giving me an odd look. Actually, everything looked funny. Something was now seriously wrong with my vision. One eye was perfect, the other was seriously fuzzy. My glasses! I pulled the frames off my nose and peered closely at them. Ah. The thick right glass was missing from the frame. Yip, I could poke my finger right through it. Drat! My heart sank deep down into my guts and they, in turn, twisted around my heart like a spring. Mom would kill me. She said so the last time. This was already my third pair this year and we couldn’t afford to keep replacing them.

I quickly snapped out of it when I realised what a fool I must seem, fully dressed and dripping all over the edge of the pool with my broken glasses in hand. Time was of the essence. There’s no way I’d be able see the oval of glass resting at the bottom of the pool, so I sent George in for a little once over – no luck. And then it happened – we heard mom’s rusty car pulling into the driveway. Panic set in, heart pounding at triple the pace. “QUICK!” I yelled at George. “This is what we’re gonna do!” I blurted out my plan and without thinking, plunged back into the pool. George ran out to meet mom before she could even get the car door open. I could hear his voice distorted, as though I was underwater (Oh right. I was underwater): “Mom! Mark’s in the pool and I can’t get him out!” She left her car door open and ran towards the pool, kicking her heels off along the way and plunging in fully dressed after me. Unfortunately, I think I jumped in a bit too soon … Struggling to breathe now. Everything’s going fuzzy and dark. I can’t hold my breath too well. Should have thought of that.


3 thoughts on “Should have thought of that”

  1. @Tim: I know, right? That’s if he’s ‘rescuscable’ though, or else he won’t even know …

    @John: Thanks for the kind words, I love that you got some enjoyment from it 😉

  2. “I had been the rotten egg one too many times” set such a cute tone, and afterward I could not shake a certain cruel childish enjoyment of the piece. Even when the narrator was pretty well and screwed at the end, I found myself finding it a little bit cute.

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