The cleansing

As a journalist (and an internalist) I know the release you get from writing your feelings down on paper … and also the pain and frustration of having writer’s block. Hence, this week’s #fridayflash:


That dratted song was stuck in her head again. “Woo hoo hoo hooo … ” she hummed soulfully in her head, then shook it. “Dammit!” She suddenly threw the pen she’d been chewing on across the room.

Getting up to pace, she realised she was struggling to focus on the task at hand. It really was quite something, more than a wandering mind could actively get under control. But still. Surely she could do it? She just needed some inspiration to get the words flowing. She had proven this in the past.

With a steaming cup of coffee at hand and renewed concentration, she sat down again at the battered old desk with hidden compartments (well, they were hidden until she found and explored them). She looked down at the blank page. She put a fresh new pen in her hand. Closed her eyes. Cleared her mind. Aimed the pen at the page. And away it went! Her hand was flying, transcribing from somewhere deep within her the pure magic she was trying to get across, that she just couldn’t verbalise. Pausing for thought she read it back to herself and nodded slightly. Yes, it was good. It was better than good, it felt like the greatest relief to get these emotions on paper. She read it back to herself again, crumpled up the sheet and chewed on the inky wad. Sending the words back from whence they came. That would do. For now …


5 thoughts on “The cleansing”

  1. Thanks Marsha and Craig, it’s the most frustrating feeling when those words just don’t want to flow! But no better sense of accomplishment than when you finally get it right πŸ™‚

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