A moment of internetlessness

I was inspired to write the following after a burst of internetlessness at work this week. It’s becoming increasingly common to complain of information overload, but what about those frustrating moments on the opposite end of the spectrum, where you simply can’t access any of that boundless information? If you do the bulk of your work online, I’m sure you can relate …


A moment of internetlessness – modern office irritation

Internet down. Drumming fingers on desk, clicking tongue against cheek, staring aimlessly out the window. Click to try connect at least once a minute. Still no luck. Frustrated sigh, roll back chair an iota too fast, wheels race to steady itself. Stand up suddenly and feel earphones jerking back to the floor. Dammit, keep forgetting I am wearing them!

Head to the kitchen for a cup of tea – soak teabag, avoid the grimy globs of coffee in the sugar jar and splashing self with hot water.

Back to desk, armed with renewed hope and determination. It WILL work now. Sit, key in ‘control, alt, delete’ to unlock keyboard. Type password incorrectly on first two attempts. Finally! I’m in! But no, internet is still down. Quickly check Twitter on BlackBerry for any breaking news I may be missing. Ugh. So many interesting links, but it’s just not worth attempting to view on such a tiny screen.

Put head on desk and wait. It will be back soon. It has to be.


4 thoughts on “A moment of internetlessness”

  1. Thanks all! 🙂

    @Tim, it does indeed. Annoying when the connection is down for hours on end though!

    @Steve and Brinda, you’re so right, it is definitely prehistoric and crazy-making! Glad you could relate though, good to know that “I am not the only one”.

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