Fire of the gods: tears of flame

Another week has passed and I find myself yet again posting a short #fridayflash fiction piece, this time inspired by Chuck Wendig’s challenge issued last week – fire of the gods:


The hands of the clock moved over to five to 12 and the flames slowly licked her face. She was starting to feel rather crispy and could smell the burning begin as she shifted on the rotating platform. Funny, it’s always the quiet ones that surprise you the most. The ones with the hidden powers. A sudden change of heart, a personality shift that leaves you wondering (quite fittingly, in this case) ‘what the flaming hell?’

But it was too late to go back, to plead forgiveness, and so, here she stood. Chained to the cold stone wall, pinned in place by their eyes as they cheered and jeered and grew more violent, throwing little blue flaming rocks that bounced off of her frock, leaving scorch marks in their wake.

“Burn her with the fire of the gods!” they taunted, laughing poisonously together as they seemed to spin in ever-increasing circles around her, blurring the world she once knew so well. She was fighting back tears, but knew it wouldn’t be long now.

Just a minute to go. The crusty girl in the corner shrugged and flipped the switch — not her problem — increasing the amount of flames now licking at her face.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you … any of you,” she said in her head, closing her eyes to the light and giving in to her fate. Maybe it would work. And yes, suddenly she could feel her tears burning tracks down her face, burning down to the bone below and suddenly like magic, or clockwork, or whatever you fancy, she disappeared. Where she had stood just a moment ago was now a glittering phoenix, the original flamebird. She spread her wings and flew away, leaving them all to stand with their mouths open and a sense of disbelief clinging to the fetid air.

“Oh well,” they said, and turned to the next one waiting in line. The clock turned back its hands to five to 12 and it all began again …


There you have it. Comments? Leave them below.


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