Quincy the quarter-moon cat

I find the secret life of animals fascinating. Spurred on by Craig Smith, I’ve written another short story – a really short one this time … enjoy the tale of Quincy, the quarter-moon cat:


Quincy the quarter-moon cat sat and watched the butterflies flutter by. He stretched his back legs in turn and waggled his whiskers, picking up the scent of sunshine in the breeze.

This week’s house was one of his favourites – the little one kept jumping in fear when he entered the room, while the older one would dab at her nose with a tissue and offer him a bowl of milk or an entire tin of tuna at a time (an entire tin! At a time! He couldn’t get over this.) It was no wonder Quincy was starting to get a little, well, plump. He purred contentedly and licked at his already meticulous nails.

Quincy never outstayed his welcome (a quarter-moon was his limit per household) … but maybe this time, he’d stay.

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